Monday, October 26, 2009

Something spooky this way comes : ]

So this Halloween you need to be prepared with one of these little protection kits. Every thing you need to have a safe yet excitingly spooky night is contained in this kit. There are Matches for lighting your torch so no sneaky goblins can creep up on you undetected. There is a Mirror for detection of the undead, as anyone knows they have no reflection. Now if you do happen across one there is a Wooden stake for vampire slaying. There are of course other creatures lurking about on Halloween so there is a Silver bullet for killing all werewolf’s. For all other manner of ghouls and spirits there is a vial of Holy water blessed by the pope no less, for warding off all other evil entities!

Seriously now, we had a wonderful day at the local club I attend Artistic Souls today creating each-others projects, sharing a fabulous lunch and eating yummy goodies. I had so much fun sharing this as my project. Below is a picture of the little candy cups I made for each of us to gobble up as we visited too. I really hated to see the day come to an end :)


Carolyn said...

A very fun project, Inka. Your ideas are boundless and we all benefit. Thanks for a great project!

I'm ready to ward off any evil that comes my way Halloween night with my own Protection Kit.

janene said...

That is really cute. I'd love to be in on one of those play days. We made skeleton paper dolls at our art meeting yesterday. come over and take a peek. I'll be posting pics tonite.

Lynn said...

how fun, it sounds like you ladies had a blast!!!

Susan Burgess said...

Love the new Banner! Always fun to see what's new on your blog! Sanna

gale said...

Love your banner. Thank you for the pictures and your candy cups are just great
Happy Halloween,

Jen Crossley said...

wow this looks so cool and creepy I love it :}