Friday, April 16, 2010

Dutch Game Book Free Vintage Clip Art Printable

As I was looking through my graphics today I came across this awesome Dutch game book cover. I think it would be an awesome ATC background but I am sure you can think of many things it would be fun for.

Be sure to click on the thumb to go to the larger printable version :)


Carolyn said...

Thanks, Inka. It would indeed make a terrific background.

Elaine A said...

Thank you Inka -

Love all the detail and colors in this. It really would be a special background.

Elaine Allen

Amber Leilani said...

that is pretty awesome! thanks!

Lynn Stevens said...

Thanks Inka, You always have the best graphics!

Paula Guhin said...

How did you ever find such a cool item? Those of us mm artists who live in areas where they can dig up such great ephemera are lucky indeed.

Melinda Ford said...

Hi Inka,

I'm sorry, I've been in the middle of finals, so I just looked and saw your comments. I guess I didn't understand that you wanted the ENTIRE post off. I took off the link a long time ago so nobody could access it and thought I was giving you credit in the post so that they could contact you if they wanted it. Again, I'm sorry. I thought I did what you wanted. I have now taken off the entire post.


lemondedis said...

thanks a lot ! i shared this here :