Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Printables ... Silly Vintage Masks

There is just something special about having a vintage Halloween party! We like to have several leading up to the big day as well as the blow out on Halloween.... I would never want to dampen the excitement of the moment by constantly babbling on about being careful of the vintage papers... so I reproduce everything! My originals stay safe and the kids have a great time!

Staple some elastic to the sides and give one to each child! This will be really large but if you save it to your computer then find your options in your printing program choose "fit to page"

For more vintage Halloween printables head over to my little etsy store .... Enjoy!

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Lorraine said...

these are very spooky.thanks. I was in Asda this morning and got a great mona lisa picture which pulls a scary face when you look at it from a different halloween

Jan said...

Love these masks!

peggy gatto said...


Rebecca said...

Absolutely great! So vintage grand!


Gale said...

We had a mask just like this and one similar in rubber when I was young and one year my mom and I borrowed my Dad's and my brothers dress blues from the navy and both went as dorkie sailors. Thanks for the blast from the past.
Go check out my blog as I have a little blog award for you there!

1CardCreator said...

O wow, these are awesome! I love that old time feeling you get from these! ~Diane