Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stocking Stuffer printables for Christmas

I had so many fun things planned for Christmas that I have not been able to get to with my Mom here needing so much help. One of them was a Nutcracker theater and what I do have done is just so fabulous! .... ahhhh ..... next year : / However I did get these fun little masks done and I have a couple of toys I hope to post before Christmas too.... so do check back *<[:{o>>>

I could only fit one Santa mask on a sheet if I wanted it to print the correct size. However I put the graphic on a full sheet so you could use the "fit to page" settings in your printers program to get the right size.

You should be able to print two elfs per sheet ..... enjoy!

Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads

Download Santa Mask Here
Download Elves Masks Here  

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Wickedly Divine Creations said...

these are so cute :) Thanks for sharing