Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Everyone Plays Nice

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have bloged but I have been so distracted. Due to several things, Moving my mom’s things from California, the holidays with a house over full with family, finding them a home here and getting them moved in. In the midst of it all I ran into another artist that just doesn’t play nice. She was selling collage sheets with my images (not just vintage images but some I had made) on etsy and was quite nasty with me about it. I think she thought they were just vintage images. Anyway, it just kinda burned me out on sharing to find someone like that. Not only that but someone else accused me of blogging just to sell my images.

I guess I just have to face that fact that every once in a while there is a charlatan in our midst. Having said all that I do have to admit over the years I have met so many wonderful artist. There is something about creating art that draws a certain type of person… my type of person :)) So I came to the mindset that I do want to continue sharing images with all the wonderful artists out there. I started this blog a long time back… well before I started selling my digital artwork. I wanted it to be a place to share my artwork, little snippets of my life and home much as many of you do. The collage sheets were born out of my love for art. As I created images for my own projects I copied them to sheets and shared them with my friends. Several of them pressed me to sell them as well so I gave it a try and found it was a great way to feed my insatiable appetite for art supplies :)) But for me it is not about the money but creating art, as I hope it is for you too. I do try to keep them inexpensive and post lots free images too. That way everyone can play :)

I know that a few of my images are totally vintage images but most of my artwork just looks to be vintage. Most I have created or I have major changes and have been changed enough to retain there own new copyright. For instance, I have used vintage image parts to build my images...a person from one image a background from another, changed faces, changed colors, changed clothing, bodies, arms and legs. If you noticed, unless it is a holiday postcard, most of my "vintage postcards" have no greeting as well. I have done this so that the artist can add their own greetings to fit the piece they are working on. Below is a vintage image that I reworked. The top image can be printed rather large without distortion. However I would not try it with the bottom image.

After and before :))

 Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads

Download Cleaned Up Version Here 

Click to see the difference... and to save it! 

To elaborate, even on the few that are vintage as the image above, I have spent many hours digitally rebuilding the images. I am sure you would agree a vintage post card with the printing techniques available then would never have the clarity or the ability to print as large as my images do. Many also required extensive repair of any creases, tears scratches and even replacing any missing parts, clarifying them to better than original. Although this one is not really a great example, I am sure you can see. Many hours have gone into producing my digital artwork, these images are my own so I do have to maintain my copyright rights. As a fellow artists I do hope you can respect that.

Have No Fear!
I don't want you to have any reservations about using my images either. So I thought I would go over my copyright with you again :) My copyright states it these images are for hand made items only... So if you are printing the image and incorporating it into your artwork then that artwork is yours to sell. You can photograph that item and blog it as well :) However the copyright does not apply to any mass produced printed products or digital reproductions large enough for printing. It may not be included in any digital download of any kind. They my not be shared with friends or sold to a third party. You can link to them and send your friend here to get them. As I said, I have spent many hours scanning and creating or digitally enhancing each one and I now leave them in your charge please protect them.

Now for a little bit on edict:
So what is public domain. A lot of my images come from my collection of antique papers. And although they are antique images they are not commonly available for download on the internet. Many of my items were started from scans of things that I paid a lot of money to acquire the originals to be able to have the graphics to work with. For instance, I paid over $400 for my vintage Halloween “House Of Fortune” game. So how fair would it be for one person to pay sometimes hundreds of dollars to acquire an image to work with for another to just take it for free? I would like to add that I did not buy it so I would have the graphics to sell. I bout it for my collection and then scanned and reworked it for printing to share it with those who could not afford to buy the originals. I seriously doubt that I will ever make the money back selling the graphics that it cost me to acquire it. Most of us artists do play fair so I really appreciate those who take the time to be sure they have done so :)

I guess in the end I just needed to take a break and get my focus back on the main thing… creating and sharing art. My life got busy and maybe I did get to far off with just posting free images but it really was not just to sell a collage sheet. I did it because I felt a lot of good artists out there looked forward to getting fun images to create with. So I am back :) I am sorry I missed posting all the holiday images that I normally do but maybe I can make up for that these next few weeks :)


bobbie said...

I'm so sorry you had to got through all that nastiness, Inka ~
Looking forward to your "catching up"!!


That's so sweet of you bobbie :) It took me long enough to come to the conclusion that I can't let one or two nasty people ruin it for us all

Sarah said...

So glad to see you back, Inka. Missed you!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

The sign of a true artist is that ones images are unmistakable...your work is one in a million Inka!
Thank you for sharing your talent with will always be the keeper of the fragments!
Hugs Karla

Ann said...

I'm so glad that you didn't let that one nasty person get to you. I can 't imagine why some people behave that way. You have been so sweet to share images..and all your are so fabulous!! Never once occurred to me that you blogged just to sell. Many do,and that doesn't bother me either!! A blog friend is a friend,is a friend,is a friend!!..sell,don't sell...matters not to me!!!!
Glad you are back!!
you have been missed!!!

artistamyjo said...

Well.......there are those,just a few, but they are there. Perhaps just jealous for the talent they don't have yet wish they did..I don't qualify them as nasty(that takes a brain) just stupid is a better tag. Sorry you had to deal with stupidity ! Happy to see you back.

Lynne said...

so sorry about the ordeal you just went through. Life is too short. On a brighter note....I just taught a charm class today, and one of my students incorporated one of your images that you had sent me into her first charm ever. It was the ATC bonus 1 with the bird and rose. My change added the words "fly free."
I gave all my students your blog and etsy site and hoping they visit or contact you as they are novice solder gals now.... and I thought your etsy site the best for their future projects!!

VicR said...

I've missed your posts, Inka, but can sure understand. Life does keep us Busy!
You've always been the kindest, most sharing person I know, and shame on people who take advantage of that!
I haven't yet gotten much into mixed media collage myself, but sure am in awe of art projects I've seen you make, and if I do ever, I'll be shopping your Etsy store for images :)
Vicki R in OH

Sheila A. said...

I have missed you as well, Inka. I can certainly understand your frustration! I enjoy your blog, and I appreciate all you do. Thank you for not letting "those people" get you down and stopping you from what YOU love. God bless you.


Well.. you are all so sweet and exactly the type of artists that I can connect with. However I do need to say that all has not been bad :)) I have had a wonderful holiday with family. I have been able to reconnect and get to know again some that I have not seen in a long time. I have been able to spend much time with my little grand babies and I have actually created some art pieces. So please don't fret over me ¯\(°‿o)/¯ I just needed to take a bit of time for me and my family anyway.
Artful hugs all!

Jann said...

I feel bad for you! It's not right for someone to take all your hard work and then incorporate it into their own collage sheets to make money off of it. That's just wrong. I, like so many others, have enjoyed your Friday "freebies" and appreciate you sharing those with everyone. Don't let one selfish person ruin your love for art and vintage photos--unfortunately, we blindly trust all these bloggers we really don't know personally, and most of them are just lovely people, but there is always going to be the occasional blogger who doesn't play fair. Keep your chin up!

Terri Sproul said...

did you know that Viva Las Vegstamps is doing a design team call. you should apply.

HeadbanginMom said...

Don't let the posers get you down! Karma is right around the corner for them! Have enjoyed your images for a long time!

Sister Brute said...

I am also so sorry you ran into that situation. You're such a nice person! I love your BLOG and your ETSY shop!!!! And I think it's a GREAT idea to tell people about your ETSY shop in your BLOG!! Please don't let a few nasty people spoil the joy you bring to so many with your BLOG.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering where you have been. I too get tired of the nasties who don't play well with others. Thanks for being the bigger person! I love what you do and am so glad to see you back among the bloggers.

Rhonda Cable said...

so glad to see you back...and so sorry about the mess with Etsy....I fear all artists are faced with that delimma a time or two. I ended up going to court with mine...some woman claimed that because I was painting vintage santa's that I was using her patterns...NOT! So we ended up going to court about it....I guess she felt she owned all rights to paint the jolly old one...aside from that...hope to see lots of new stuff...can't wait!!!!


Yes... I have had to go to court with a couple of them too. But I think I may have come up with another solution as well... more on that later though :))Most are good about it and have just forgotten where they got the image or did not realize it was not just a vintage image :)

Inka ¯\(°‿o)/¯

angi eharis said...

sorry to hear about the bad guy, they can really feel like the bad guys are winning in thiw world, please remember they are not winning and we really appreciate you sharing with all of us and we know it is hard work! so big mamalo to you and remember you are the winner, not that loser! aloha, angi in hana

Tonya Steele said...

Inka: You have one awesome blog. I love it!!