Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Pharmacy Doctor Love
Pharmaceutical Label Free Printable

Enough wallowing in self pity... lol I do want to thank everyone for all the sweet posts and emails. I really am feeling rather good about most things now. I have just been wrapped up in my latest projects. I am working on a total redo of my studio. So many projects and once and yes I will be sharing them :)) Soon too!

Valentines day has really snuck up on me :/ So I did this little label. I thought it would be so cute on a bottle of red hots for all of my loves... hubby, kids and grandkid. I don't have them done yet to get a picture and as time is short I wanted to get the label posted so you can get yours done as well.

Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads

Download Wrapped In Paper Here
Download Dr Cupid Here


artistamyjo said...

Gosh it's good to see you back,I've missed you and all your wonderful goodies.
Happy Valentine's Day with Hugs, Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

Missed you, Good to have you back!

Fairy Hugs
Sandy Whitfield

Ann said...

this is romantic and oh,so pretty!!
thanks so much!!
so nice to have you back!!
Happy V-Day to you

Carolyn said...

Inka, welcome back to blogger world. We have missed you immensely. We can always use valentines and the sharing of your love.


Lou Anne said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I read your post about why you were gone for awhile and I want to let you know that I really appreciate artists like you. I'm new to this world and it's awesome!

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