Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butterfly Fairy Free Printable

I am sorry for not posting sooner. I have had my hands full of grandbabies. My son and his wife has been sick again : / This morning the doctor told my son he had pneumonia so I have the boy's again today :)) I love  it but little ones are a lot of work for an old grandma :))
Enjoy this darling little flutterfly 

Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads


Ann said...

they are a lot of work!!!! very fun,but tiring!!
so,with all you have been doing and your son and wife being sick, you still find time to share a darling image!
thank you!!
hope your son and his wife are feeling better soon. Pneumonia..oh my!!!

Carolyn said...

Sorry to hear the BIG kids are sick. No fun at all, especially during this hot weather. With the two grandsons, I'm sure you are very busy keeping them entertained, fed and loved.

Hubby has another five weeks before he can put weight down on his leg. More physical therapy and wheelchair exercise.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too.


Angela said...

Hope your family is feeling better :-) I found your blog when clicking through another site that follows you. I love all the great ideas and inspiration here, I'm sure to be a frequent visitor!! Thanks for the lovely fairy printable :-)


Anonymous said...

Delightful butterfly fairy. Your blog and Etsy shop are full of beautiful artifacts - right up my street! Hope you've survived the grandchildren and that your son and his wife a well on the mend.

Victoria Sayer said...

Hope you are keeping well. I too, have the joy of caring for my little grandie. she is four, and adorable...but it sure does take it out of you! keeping up with the littlies.
Also, I have been meaning to let you know that I have had your link in my side bar on my blog
for over six months now, and was wondering if you could email another delightful surprise as you previously talked about, once I reach the six month mark. (was in September)I still have not had a chance to create something beautiful with the previous ones I purchased or the last freebie you sent...just not enough hours in each day to do all that I have to do. As well as caring for my little grandie three days a week, I also sew art dolls. My daughter and I co-own Lilliput Loft. I create Urchins and Jill creates Poppets...and together we can't seem to make enough of them to go round. To see some of our dolls feel free to browse our albums in http://www.facebook.com/LilliputLoft
Thanks so much for the earlier goodies that you sent me. My email is jvsayer@bigpond.com
~Vicki xx