Friday, August 17, 2012

Free Printable French Puppet
Poupee Modele 14

You all know how I love and collect puppets. Well as I was working on the studio redo. I ran across this little puppet. She is kinda rare however I have seen some not so great scans of her on the internet. Anyway, I thought although she is already out there that you all might like a better copy of her.

Be sure to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable. 


Angela said...

She's lovely, thanks so much!!

Carolyn said...

Inka, thank you for the latest free printables. I love the one you did on PARIS. Hope the family is all well and ready for Grandson's, Jasper, first birthday. Can't believe he is one year old.

Love hugs,

susanne said...

So many beautiful things to see on your blog! I think that I might like to make this puppet, thank you so much for sharing. Warm wishes from Canada, Susanne