Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hubby's Bott & Blog Candy!!

The other day I was showing hubby Pictures of some steampunk birds that some friends and are going to get togeter and make. I also showed him some pictures of some little reclaimed robots that I wanted to make for myself too. Anyway we ended up down town so I had him stop at the thrift shop to see if they had any birds to steampunk. Before I knew it he was walking around the corner with a arm full of metal junk. Fancy tea cans, brass bowls, candle sticks, a metal string holder and such. I told him to put them back that I had to many projects on the burner and I did not have a place to store all that junk until I was ready to make one. He just huffed and me and said I could do what I wanted to do but he was getting the stuff to make himself a robot :)) I was FLOORED!! He has done some wood work around the house and honey do things for me but I have never seen him do anything you could really say was art!

So today he got out his tools and got to work on it. He got the head done and I was just tickled it looked so cute. Then he decided he had to have a nap ... gosh was that frustrating to me :( Finally he woke up, went out to the garage and I could hear pounding and drilling and and he came out of that garage with this!!!! The hat has a bolt down the center that goes into the coffeepot innards so it comes off like a lid and I can store stuff in there. The lid that is the neck also comes off so stuff can go in the tummy too. I just love him ... yep I am talking about them both :))

I think he needs a name too! ... leave a name suggestion for him and I will give hubby the list of names to choose from next week. The person with the winning name will get a little goodie package :)

If you follow my blog you already know I have a hard time calling a piece finished :)) so I kept thinking about it and I really felt he needed a tea cup because his little fork finger was sticking out just how the snooty little tea tippers do. So I while I was in town I stopped by the Rusty Trunk junk shop and found this little cup! ... Then hubby bent his fingers to hold it for me :)

Tape it up printable graphic

Have you ever needed just the right tape measure for your altered art piece but did not have any on hand. Here are some I created in all the colors I use most often. Be sure to click on the picture to save the larger printable version.

Exciting sneek preview!

My daughter in law has been hard at work putting her own look into her new website. Soon to be open at This is a sneek peek at what she has so far :) Please support her efforts by clicking on her esty link on my side bar and buying some of the old Inka Stamps over stock at ridiculously low prices. Also keep an eye on her blog Scrollworkrubber
Thanks much!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Vintage Clip Art -Tea Time Printable

This little cutie is just waiting to serve you up a spot of tea... click on the image for a larger printable version.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stars of the show *

Yesterday I had some friends over and they were the true stars of the show. It was so much fun that I hated for the day to end :)) We made these cute little star shaped tags for our Christmas prezzies. Each one was so unique ...funny how we each have our own style. If I did not know who made what... I think I could have looked at a bowl of them and told you who did each one I did get this idea from someones blog but I can't remember where I saw it to give them credit. However I did make my own little pattern. If you click on the little thumb below it will take you larger version so you can print some of your own.

Once printed if you put a little repositional glue stick on the back you can score the folds right through the paper before you cut it out. The solid lines are mountain folds and the dotted are valley folds. Gluing down the little paper ribbon across at least two points will keep it from going flat.

Have fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Perfume Shop Canvas

I think I am finished but I always say that and then I seem to add or change It is not as "artsy fartsy" as I usually do but I was trying to fit a theme I have in my bathroom. This is a rather large canvas too ... the biggest one I have ever done measuring 12" x 24". The lady is cut from an original antique print. I call it the perfume shop as the little hanging sign is a reproduction of a perfume peddlers sign.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing with rust again

I have been playing with rust again :)) I had this old bird cage and I wanted to do something with it. I thought of doing a doll but I also had the stand and I did not want to waste it. So I rusted a bird and gave it a crown. I found a little plastic couch at the thrift shop and used my rust technique on that... once it was rusted it was pretty cute. Then I just added a table, some tiny tea cups and an old coffee pot I had. Now I have my eye out for a little claw foot tub that I can rust and put on a branch up a little higher.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keeper Of Fragments montage

It is finally finished! You all know how I am about tearing things apart and adding to. I did redo the school days page but I am calling it finished now. I created this little montage to show some of the features close up so just sit back and enjoy the show :)

Exciting news!!!

It has always been my hope that when I retired from Inka Stamps that my daughter in law would take over. She has helped me for years. Recently because of medical issues that day came a little earlier than I had planed. With my darling grand baby still so small she was not sure she was ready for a full time job. However after much deliberation between her and my son, they have decided to give it a go! I am so pleased to see it stay in the family even though it will have a new name as it has always been such a big part of my art.

Jacque is offering some old over stock at her etsy store at a really good bargain price to restock inventory and for a new plate she is designing to celebrate her grand opening.... stay tuned to this blog for the next exciting episode ... I will be sure to keep you up to date all all the happenings! Please be sure to click on her etsy link on the left hand side of this page.... get some great deals and help her get started too :) oh and that cute little guy modeling the blue and brown crochet hat is my darling little grand baby :D
Thank you

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ladies In Red

I thought these would be good for the upcoming holidays but if your wanting to take an art break from the holidays they will work for that too. I thought the Victorian Penmanship scan made a nice accompaniment too :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bookworm Baby

I was trying to come up with a way to display my childhood baby and also I wanted to put a little of my art into my decor and this is what I came up with. I used an old clock dome I picked up at a thrift shop. Then because I collect old coffee pots I had picked up several old glass peculator tops. So I epoxied one to the top to make it look like an old garden bell... but before I did I stuck some tiny flowers and a tiny brass key charm inside. Then for the bottom I used a candle holder also from the local thrift shop. Because the feet had an asian look I wrapped them with some brass corners I had on hand. The little top hat started life as a paper cup but once I paper mached it and added some newsprint roses it made the perfect topper for my baby.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sugar Charlotte Spoon Pendant

Just thought I would share this little spoon pendant I made a couple weeks ago. It is on a very chunky chain so it looks smaller in the picture but it is on a standard size sugar spoon. I loved the shovel shape. The rhinestones are vintage earrings and I added them by just drilling holes in the bottom of the spoon. This way I can change them out with similar earrings with colored stones to fit my mood. The shape of the spoon holds the earring posts away from my skin so no pokes either.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanksgiving goodies

Now that we have stuffed our faces full of chocolate we are going to have to get geared up for the next holiday

It is racing up on us fast

So get those turkeys roasted

and those pumpkins pied and
have a wonderful

Just click on the images for a bigger one to print

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little boy lost ...

This has been a very difficult day in my house. The tears just wont little fur baby Toby turned 16 this October 31st but he has been ill for a long time. Eight years ago he had pancreatitis and we were told that he has so little of his pancreas left that he probably would not live much longer...but we made sure all his food was 97% fat free and he kept on keeping on. He was half blind and his hips caused him a lot of trouble too. He had to take pain meds everyday. When we woke up Saturday morning he wasn't doing well. We were sure that nothing had been left down he could have gotten into. So I gave him his doggie meds and waited hoping he would get better but he just grew worse. I kept him tranquilized so he was sleeping most of the time but he was so bad that I knew come Monday morning I would have to take him in to be put down. I last checked on him, gave him more meds and cuddled him up a little after midnight. When I put him back to bed he was snoring quite loud. This morning when I awoke he was gone. My heart is breaking for my little boy lost and I wonder how I will ever go on. He was so special to me because when I lost my son he was there for me. When my hubby went back to work and my other son went back to school, he was still there with all his fuzzy kisses and snuggles of encouragment. It made me go on ...for him, for my family. I do take comfort in that he is no longer suffering and I am also so grateful that I was still here. I had planned to be in California by now but thank goodness I had some medical followups of my own come up that I had to stick around for.