Thursday, December 20, 2007

Charm & Ornament Swap

 I finally got home after making a rush trip to California because hubby's mother passed. Thank you all for the wonderful condolences. I removed the post because this is a new year and we are trying to look forward. I hope you all can understand. Anyway when we got home the Charm and Ornament Swap was in my mailbox. I loved each and everyone of them. Because time is so short and Christmas is almost here I put them on a little wire tree for now but the ones that are small enough for a bracelet will be made into a bracelet for next year

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snowballs and Santa Claws

I figured you all are tired of seeing all my soldered ornaments so I thought I would show you some other ornaments I have been doing. I have been making the snowball for a couple of years now. I make a few more each year. First I covered Styrofoam balls with air dry clay. Then stamped snowflakes into the soft clay. Then I cut the mouth into the ball with a knife and stuck on some balls of clay for the nose and eyes. Once dry, I sprayed them with spray glue and glittered them with translucent glitter and a few flakes of fake snow. The hangers were just glued on with E600 … I love that stuff!

Santa Claws
This was made with a pattern I designed. I used white card stock for the basic lantern. Then I stamped it with holly and sprayed it with spray glue and glittered it with translucent glitter (gotta sparkle for Christmas) then I used red stickels for the berries and glued on some holly leaf confetti for a little extra glitz. I then hung a little Santa dog inside :)