Monday, December 28, 2009

Upcycled Lighting :)

Ok ... so I had two of those ugly brass light fixtures we all hate in my studio... so I painted it black since most of the furniture in there is black. It was better than that shiny brass but I still hated them!
Then I cam across these vegetable baskets in the thrift shop and I thought they looked like they would fit over those ugly lights. So I brought them home, painted them black and stuck them up there. It was better but I still did not like them much. However I thought I could tie some ribbons on the wires, hang a few crystals here and there and maybe I would like them better.

Then it came to me... I had crystal garlands in my Christmas decorations! ... Now I love them! The room just sparkles when they are lit and I get to enjoy my crystal garlands year round :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

I just had to kiss the cook!

I hope you had as nice a Christmas as we did. We had an amazing meal, visited with the family... and we had the cutest cook ever!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Club Diva's Spoon Pendant

As well as being a member of Artistic Souls I am also a member of Designing Diva's, an art club in the Boise area. Our super talented leader is Lynn Stevens from Trash To Treasures hosted a spoon project this last meeting. How lucky I felt to be a part of her little mini workshop! However I did not get my spoon finished : / It took me a while to get it done too because I have had my handsome little grandbaby this week. I also just noticed that Lynn has posted several of her spoons on her blog so be sure to click the link above and check out her amazing work!

Little Asian Puppet Theater

A special gift for a special friend.

Several weeks ago I picked up an old jewelry box at the local thrift shop. I loved the handles and it had 6 drawers and a door all with hardware. After getting it home and pulling all the drawers out I thought of making a little fairy theater from the shell. Well I did not quite get to it yet with the holidays and all but I did use one of the drawers to make this mini theater for a very special friend of mine. I used my dremel to expand the hold for the handle to a slot. Then I hung my little puppet on a dowel that was slightly bigger than the slot I cut. Now you can hold onto the dowle and jiggle the little puppet to make it dance. I just love it and so did my dear friend.

Friday, December 11, 2009

An Artistic Souls Christmas :)

Do you recognize the faces on those bags!


I am so fortunate to be a member Artistic Souls, a local stamping club in Eagle Idaho. We get together every month and share our art, food and fun :)) Each one of the members has so enriched my art and my life so this Christmas I wanted to do something special. I photoshoped our faces onto a vintage post card and created a faux newspaper article. Then I printed it on some vintage muslin and attached it to a canvas bag. I think I had more fun making these this past week than they did getting them. I just giggled all week long even joking with hubby how I had spent years learning how to sew a strait line and now I was having trouble sewing a crooked But I loved how they came out and I think my friends did too :) If you would like to read our spoof article, I took a photo of it before I sewed them up. Click on the little thumb below and it will take you to a picture large enough to read.

Dead Tree Christmas Card

For the past few months one of the local stamp clubs I attend has had a round robin stamp challenge. Several months ago we each brought a stamp and each month we have rotated them so that each person has a turn with each stamp. Our sweet Judy brought a dead tree stamp and we all bemoaned our turn with it. However month by month we were amazed with what the designated person came up for it. I actually think it challenged us more than any of the other stamps as we really had to contemplate our design. We had more fun trying to come up with something different. Anyway I was last on the list and this is what I did with it. I first stamped the nest from Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps then I masked it off and stamped the Cardinal... also from Scrolls Work. Then after those were masked off I stamped the dead tree from Stamps by Judith. It does look a lot better in real life... you can't really see that the cardinal has black stickels and a seed bead for the eye. I also added white stickles here and there on the branches, in the end... I really liked it! 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Have A Winner!

and check out the loot!

It has been a fun week, reading all the robo names as they came in. I read each post here and in my groups to hubby and we had many chuckles over them. I think the one he thougth was the funniest was being called Mr Inka :)) I gave him the list to pick from yesterday, today when "Twocan" was posted he almost changed his mind but decided to stick with his orignal choice. Thank you all for entering and congratulations to Vicki Holdwick.

Vicky if you can use the email link on my side bar and send me your mailing address I will get this in the mail :)