Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiny Canvas


Check out this tiny little canvas! It is 2 x3 inches! It is my first mixed media canvas so I thought I would start small …lol. Actually I just received a tiny 2 x 2 inch canvas from one of my groups and when I saw these in the art store the other day I thought I should have a little practice before I do the one I am to send in.

I have had several ask “how did I do that” so here is how that was done … LOL

First I painted it with black gesso and then the next day I painted it with one step crackle. It did not crackle though. Maybe I did not wait long enough, I can be inpatient at times :)) I had never used that stuff before so I must have done it wrong …anyway…I did not like the glossy sheen it gave so I painted it with sparkle glaze. Once that was dry I put glue on the area I wanted sky and used two colors of blue embossing powder and embossed it. Then I glued on some Judikins Spring Meadow speckles for the hillside. Then I cut out the lady from one of my photo art sheets and glued her on. The little glass circle over her face is a test cut from our circle cutter. We just got the new bits in to cut them and they will be available at Inka Stamps eventually. I hot glued the circle on and sprinkled it with foil flakes. When it was cooled, I brushed off the excess flakes and glued on the star and saying. Then I added some gold texture paint to the bottom edge and called it done.

ATC workshop ... Lesson 3

This week was magazine paper techniques. The first one you layer some images for the background and then layer slices of your composition, add a little color and finish your edges. I just sanded my edges. The second one you paint your magazine image with white gesso in a cross hatch pattern making sure to leave it a little transparent. Then you define areas with an ink marker and then add paint to alter and highlight. The last one was really cool. You just dot the image with glue here and there to define the image. When that is dry you just rub it down with Never Dull metal polish. Then you replace the color you just wiped off with pastels. I also finished the edges by brushing with a rust inkpad.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Japanese Valentines

This is a couple of Japanese Valentines that I did as RAK's for a few of my OSA club members :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ATC workshop ... Lesson 2

This week we did Leafing Pen Resist, Inky Layers and Stencils. The leafing pen resist is done on watercolor paper. You squiggle some leafing pen onto the paper then paint on watercolor spreading it around with a brush. For inky layers, layer on several different papers and then paint with a glaze. Then just dab on some pigment ink smudging it around. Once that is done you use an smudge it with iridescent ink. I used Doc Martins and I loved the way it looks, however the scan really doesn’t show how nice it looks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Valentines ornament

I used scans of two of my valentines collage sheet to create this :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

ATC workshop ... Lesson 1

I did these for an ATC workshop I am in that is designed to get you to try different techniques every week. The first one is called Intuitive watercolor technique. The idea is to drop watercolor on paper and when it dries, use your imagination to see what forms you can make with the blotches. The secound one is watercolor on a babywipe once dry, you can put whatever art you like. I did not want to cover up the texture so I stamped on acetate and layerd it over the babywipe and added some embellishments. The third one is Lumier paints on a papertowle then stamped.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Valentines & Chocolate

Today I made some Valentines for the ladies at my local stamp club. I killed my diet and had a chocolate bar because you just can't have Valentines without chocolate .... lol

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fairyland Theater


I have been working on this little theater collage sheet. It is a scan of a Tuck & Sons original. It has puppets for Puss & Boots, Beauty & The Beast, The Prince & Cinderella and The Wolf & Red Ridinghood too in the original form. I offer it in my little etsy store with my Buttercup fairy but you can request a special listing for it with the original puppets. Just click on the convo link when you get to the listing page.