Monday, October 29, 2007

Optical Lens Pendant


Made from an optical lens this little pendant depicts “The Queen of Dreams”and was given away as blog candy :)

House Of Three

I had posted the "House Of Three" last night but I just did not like it. So this morning I disassembled it and remade it. This is my son and his wife’s first house (there will be more featuring these three). I used the number three because they are now 3.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My 58 House

Not my 58th , it is my first photo house. But this photo is of my mom and dad in 1958. Inspired by several artist work, I wanted to create a hallway wall with all the little houses of my family’s life and history. The curlies are chipboard. In real life the chip board curlies do really look like metal. I would love to share the technique with you, if only I knew it. My son provided me with two bottles of his secret rust. I painted on the some of the contents from the first bottle and it looks rust colored. Then when that was dry, I painted on some of the contents of the second bottle. It bumps up and gets flaky and dark in spots and it really looks real rusted metal. Then just for fun I brushed my copper ink pad over that. I just updated the photo. Some of you may remember that I did not feel it was finished. After a few days of thought, I added a keyhole and a little key fringe. I created the fringe by adding eyelets with little keys hanging from it. Although it doesn't look as good on the scanner bed as it does hanging, I think you can get the idea .

Friday, October 12, 2007


I did these cards a while for the ladies in my local stamp group. Today we went, we stamped and we ate …lol I mixed a little latex paint into the drywall mud so they would be a little more flexible. Then I “buttered” some lightweight matt board with the paste and stamped into the goo for texture. Then I popped it in the oven at the lowest setting 170 ° and left the oven door open a crack. After about 20 minutes they were dry with no cracks. Then I just painted them and brushed them with a black inkpad. The images were colored with chalk and then cut out.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Grand distractions!

I have been a little distracted by the most beautiful grandbaby boy ever! Don't you agree :))

Friday, October 5, 2007

Daddy and our little prince :)

I am so tired but I wanted to take a quick moment to post a picture of our little prince. My pictures did not come out so great but hopefully the ones that daddy took are better. For now here is a picture of daddy and baby in there hats. Also I would like to thank you all for all the sweet posts.

He has arrived!

Little Quinton Scott Heaton was born this morning at 1.05 AM .... His birthday party will be later today and pictures will follow :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Judy's Birthday

Still no baby but my solder finally arrived and I made my first charm for my sister’s birthday on the 5th. I really lucked out as my daughter-in-laws mother is here (also on baby watch) and I discovered her hobby is making stain glass windows. She gave me some pointers but the reason it looks a little rough is that she made me do it all by myself. Here is a little tip she gave me that I thought I would pass on, you can solder on anything metal and then paint it with solder. This is what I did on this. The front of the pendant is a picture of my sister and me when we were little and the back has my boys when they were young.

Halloween charm swap

These are for a charm swap in one of my groups. I shrank scans of some Halloween cards I did then I use “Jumbo Rain Drops” that I bought at the scrapbooking store. They are clear plastic so they will hold up to clanging against other charms. Once they were stuck to my images, I cut them out and sandwiched them together with e6000. This made them double sided. Then I stuck a piece of wire between the layers. Once it was dry, I wrapped the wire around the seam and twisted a little bail.