Monday, May 26, 2008

GrandPuppy Update :)

This is the latest photo of the grand puppies :) Most are growing like a weeds but there is one that is still pretty small and has really not grown at all :( We are worried about him and I have been hand feeding him every 4 hours this past week. The vet says that some puppies don’t learn to suckle right away and this makes them smaller. Then by time they figure it out the others are so much bigger and push them out of the way. Now we are not sure that is it because this puppy might just be naturally smaller. We have two reasons for this line of thought. The first is my black male schnauzer was from a litter of puppies that were being breed down to the new toy schnauzers. He was third generation and they don’t guarantee they will be small until the fifth generation. He is an average size mini schnauzer but he does have the genes for a toy schnauzer. The second reason is a little more apparent. We also have a male Yorkie : / yep he could be the daddy of some. We thought that he would be to small to reach our girl to mate but look at the puppy in the top left hand corner????? … looks like Yorkie colors to me …. so we might just have some Snorkie’s! Now if little tiny puppy (the one laying on top of the white one) is from our Yorkie and takes after his daddy ????? maybe he is suppose to be small. So we are just hoping for the best and will have to wait until they are a little bigger before we can truly say if they are Schnauzers or Snorkies :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The last of the ATC workshop :)

I have finally completed the ATC workshop based on Bernie Berlin's book with the last two lessons 16 and 17. The first is a square tin for storing your ATC’s. I think I am going to start making one in the swap theme for each swap I am in. It is done by sanding the tin and then dry brushing on some gesso. Then you drop alcohol inks onto the tin, sprits with a little blending solution and dry it with a heat gun. Then scuff with sandpaper and stamp. The second one is a recycled tin can. This is also for storage. I might flunk this one because you are supposed to make the ATC label by embossing metal tape. I did that and I just did not like the way it looked so I peeled it off and used a metal tag to make my label. I plan to add a chain with a P38 can opener on it … the type that use to come on sea rations and can be carried on your key chain but for now, I did not want to get to far off the lesson …lol

Monday, May 19, 2008

GrandPuppies! ^.^

I got grandpuppies! The momma is a white schnauzer and the daddy is a black schnauzer. As for the puppies we now have two girls, both black and three boys, two black and one white :) There parents are just as cute as the puppies too! The past week when I fed them Baxter (the daddy) would not eat until after Sugar (the momma) ate her food and then came over and ate some of his too. I got on to her the night before they were born and told her that plate was for Baxter and while I was telling her that, Baxter pushed his plate to her, so I let her have it. When she had all she wanted he ate the rest. I think he knew she was close to delivery and wanted her to have all she wanted to eat We put her in the laundry room to have the puppies and then after they were born he came to the gate we had place at the door. Hubby let him in and when Sugar saw him she pushed each puppy one at a time out for Baxter to see :) was just precious! In the picture three of them where they should be and the other two under her bum :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

ATC workshop ... Lesson 15

For my last ultra card I chose Journaling. This was pretty simple. I just dry brushed the card with blue acrylic paint, stamped it with gold sequence waste and edged it with gold. Glued on my collage image and used a black permanent marker to do the journaling.

ATC workshop ... Lesson 14

  For my second ultra card I chose to do a Diptych, I cut two pieces of thin matt board and rounded the corners on one side. Then I used the fresco technique to give it an old world look. The print came from an old dictionary and I used the references to “lady of the night” “lady of the evening” and “lady in waiting”. Added some brass hinges, a keyhole and a Dresden foil frame. The little brass key is just hanging from a spiral paperclip. Inside I stamped some sequence waste and then added some specialty paper and cutouts from a collage sheet. I printed the saying on Velum and just glued that in place. On the back I just glued on another image that had been cut from a collage sheet.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dream Big!

Just a little soldered charm to remind myself to "Dream Big"

ATC workshop ... Lesson 13 ...My ATC Shrine

The next three lessons are Ultra Cards. You can choose from Journaled, Folded, Diptych & Triptych's, Pen & Ink, Digital or special for children, I choose folded for this lesson. I am so pleased with how mine came out. Well you all know me and fold-out, pop-out or dimensional paper :)) I had to make it my own …lol. I just was not satisfied with doors that opened to reveal the image so I created this little ATC shrine. I have drawn my own pattern. I will be offering it at my little etsy store