Sunday, December 12, 2010

·:*:·.·::·.·:*:·. It's beginning to
look a lot like Christmas ·:*:·.·::·.·:*:·.

·:*:·.·::·.·:*:·..·::·.·:*:·. All around the house ·:*:·.·::·.·:*:·..·::·.·:*:·.


Our family is wrapping up the presents

 Buildin a few snowmen...

and puttin up the tree!
And looking forward to a Merry Merry One!
We are also wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas too!

.·::·.·:*:·.·::·.Christmas In A Box .·::·.·:*:·.·::·.

My sister is not going to be able to make it here for Christmas this year because she has to work :( She is going to be all alone this year for the first time. When I last talked to her she said there was no since in even putting up a tree just for herself so I am sending her Christmas in a box...

Included is a sparkling Christmas place mat, a Marie Calendars turkey dinner, a tiny version of our traditional Christmas cake, A Christmas tree, our childhood Santa and presents including that little rag necklace and earrings I made for her.

Oh ... and here is a close up of the necklace and earrings I sent.It features a soldered centerpiece, vintage ribbons and lace, a vintage rhinestone button, vintage flat crystal beads and some other reclaimed jewelry parts.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Advent Calender Countdown...

So I was doing a bit of grocery shopping and found this little advent calender and it was on sale...but just not my what to do?....Alter it :))
Well I was just getting the finishing touches on it when I saw that the "Created byhand Challenge" was Christmas Countdown! So of course I had to entry mine :))

First I wanted to show the before... but I forgot to take a picture of it before but here is one I found on the internet.

I tell myself that I did this for my little grandson Quinton but really I think it is just as much for me. I can't wait to see and share the countdown with him! A tradition I hope to carry on for many years to come.

... this is the "After" with it closed... You can click on the pictures to see a larger one .... 

and this is the inside.. The stamps are from "Scroll Works" and all the printed images are from my little etsy store... again you can click on the little picture to go to a larger one

Monday, November 22, 2010

Faux Putz House Christmas Ornaments

Boy am I getting this in just under the wire! This weeks Theme over at the "Created Byhand Challenge" is Snowmen...Aren't these cute! This was also my project for my local art group "The Artistic Souls" this month too.

I used the pattern from Better Homes & Gardens and then I used some of my digital collage sheets that I offer over at my little etsy store. I did shrink them to 50% before I printed them so they would fit on my little houses.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Rag Bracelets

Since these were made for friends, I wish I could have posted these last week for the Created by Hand challenge. The theme was friendship/love but I had to wait unit I had a chance to give them to there new owners. I actually had made another black one but I did not get a picture of it... drats! I had needed a last minute gift so I used the first one so I got busy and made the black one yesterday. I am so distressed now that I look at the picture I realized I forgot the beads on that one : /

They are all made with hand dyed fabric's and ribbon, antique buttons, lace and soldered charms. Most were dyed in the standard dye method but I did the gray with the microwave method. It was the first time I had used that method and for such a small amount of fabric it worked so great!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Gothic Arch Banner

When I saw the inspiration project by Nancy on the Gothic Arches challenge and the them was "text" I knew instantly what I would do. I used my new snow angles that are available in my little etsy store and the banner graphics are now in the store too! I also felt that my project was perfect for Saturday Surprise as well because it has all the little trinkets that remind me of all the holidays spent at home in my youth.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tattered Cuff Bracelet

It is that time of year that I am working on stuff but I can't show it because my projects are going to be Christmas gifts. So this is a sneak peek and some of what I have been making. This one went to the beautiful Lynn of Trash to Treasures for her Birthday. It is made of vintage fabric's, trims and buttons. I did use a few new beads and a new clasp but I don't think it took away from that vintage feel.


She has been through so much the past few weeks that I was just going to stop by for a minute and drop it off however she was up and around enough to answer the door and invited me in. Her hubby (bless him) made me the most wonderful mocha latte and I was lucky enough to be able to sit on her lovely patio with her and visit for a little. If everyone can send there prayers... or if you don't believe your positive energy her way as I know no one more deserving. We are just all so fortunate to have her still with us :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Jester.... eeeeeek!

Here is my Jester for the current Gothic Arches challenge.

I used one of the jester puppets that I offer at my little etsy store. The back has the cover from "Witches Dance" and a bit of torn sheet music.

Don't miss my last post for Blog Candy too! I am offering a memento's ink pad and a surprise package!

Blog Candy .... Spooky Treats!

Update: Won by Jan Hennings over at Papercraft Pleasures

It is getting a bit spooky around the Heaton household!

and I would like to show you the wreath I made .... Would you like to make one? or maybe just the blow pop party favors I used on it? If so, your gonna like this sweet treat! 

 Jacque over at Scroll Works Rubber Stamps is now carrying Memento inks! and to celebrate she has given me a black ink pad to give away and I am adding a surprise package too!... so all you have to do to get in the drawing is visit her website and leave a post here to enter..... that is the blog candy part but you can get two free single collage sheets from my little etsy store too!


How you say? Just order anything over at Scroll Works Rubber Stamps and then email me! and let me know the two sheets you would like from my little etsy store. within 24 hours they will be in your email box :)) ... I used my two sheet blow pop set for the wreath above... so that would count as two sheets

The drawing for the ink and a little suprize package from me will be Wednesday next week!
Collage Sheet offer good until Wednesday also!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dark .... 4 Blissful ATC 's

With the theme this month being "Dark" over at the Blissful ATC Swap. I went tip-toeing through the murkiest part of the dark woods.... and what did I find there! All things creepy, crawly and scary! There were spiders and bats and things that go bump in the night! I was afraid so I put what I found on these little ATC's and sent them off to my partner DeeDee so she could get the shivers too! I could not decide which one to send so I just had to send them both. I just did not think they should be separated! At least this way they could comfort each other when the lights went out at DeeDee's house :)) Do visit my partner DeeDee's blog because I think she took better pictures than I did

Now for a peek at the darkest thing I can think of .... The picture is scary enough so I hope I don't really see this guy !!! ..............besides my soul is already taken 0;-)

The layers are amazing! The bloody frame really seems to drip! and I love how she used torn cardboard for the background. Where the paper is missing gives so much depth and texture too! I just love this spooky treasure! He will be joining the Halloween section of my little ATC binder.... but wait.... that was not all! I also got the most stunning card! If you could only see it in real life! There is an amazing tea bag fold on the front of it and I could not capture the texture it has in the photo! Thank you so much DeeDee! I feel so honored to have met you and will look forward to the next time our names meet on the swapin list.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quinton is 3!

And I think he liked his cake!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle :::Day & Night::: Thoughtful Pierrot Gothic Arches

Gothic Arches has gone to a two week challenge... I don't know how I missed the last one, I guess I just got distracted by life but I am trying to get back on track :)) So here is my entry for the Day and Night challenge.
It may be daytime but I think they are thinking about the night :)) I printed the thoughtful pierrots and layered them on some textured and hand made papers. Then I stamped the little "Sunny" stamp from Scroll Works on acetate and embossed it with midnight embossing glitter. The little stars are embossed with silver embossing glitter and it is also from Scroll Works. Then I made the "Twinkle Twinkle" heart with the word program on my computer.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Treats for everyone!
Vintage Sucker Cards

I had several ask about the background I used on my gothic arch a few weeks ago and I told them I would post my little collection as a free download for a limited time. They have timed out but are still available at my little etsy store!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Gentleman In Every Way ... MMM Buttons

This week over at Mixed Media Monday the theme is buttons. I know it is suppose to be Mixed Media Monday but I can never seem to get things done by Monday so I am always late. I just don't work that fast. By time the theme is announced it takes me a few days to get my artwork done.... but here are my buttons!This is truly a noble effort ... another piece for my bathroom. I started with a smashed leather toiletry case.

The poem in the mirror reads

A gentleman in every way,
His sparkling eyes do smile.
His cloths are always sure to be
In just the latest style


The watch case features fabric with news and map print that has been dirtied up with a little rust, a brass leaf branch, a top hat from a monopoly set, a brass harmonica charm, a rusty spring topped with a brass treble cliff and the typewritter of "H" for Heaton.

Yep ... that is my hubby in the rusted picture frame... a much younger version I must admit. He is much older and rustier himself now :))

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have been wanting to ....
Post about Time Traveler

Remember this post Steampunk Ladies Free Printable ?... and that little teaser picture of the project I made with it? I have so been wanting to post about my project but I had submitted it to a magazine. So I had to wait until I found out if it would be published. Well the preview of Haute Handbags for Autumn has been posted and my little clutch is in the preview! .... I am published!!!

I thought it was perfect timing that this weeks theme at Mixed Media Monday is "I have been wanting to..."

The Artistic Souls of Eagle Idaho submitted several little bags that we altered... I called my little Steampunk bag "Time Traveler" My hubby and I glued old gears and bent wire to a matt board then I used my friends spellbinder to emboss the metal. Then I attached it to the little wooden purse and antiqued it.

I printed the fabric for the lining and added the little photo of the Steampunk ladies.
The hinge was hand made using links from an antique necklace.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where have all the daisies gone ...Free printable too

Well I will tell ya ... they are all over at Gothic Arches because the challenge right now is Daisies. The little daisy fairy in my entry is happy now as all the daisies in her garden are blooming but summer is over and soon the cold weather will arrive...then my little fairy will be shivering again until spring arrives once more.

Here is the graphic I used.. 
Feel free to pin the thumb below but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Steampunk Heaven

Yes ... I have died and gone to Steampunk Heaven! This is the first two ATC's I have made with my new stamps from Scroll Works When my daughter in law called me and told me that her new plate of steam punk stamps came in, I jumped in the car and headed right over. I think I am the first to get to stamp with them too! I had specially requested the new gear stamps and the men. I am so excited that she chose Jules Verne because he is one of my favorite authors! Of course my favorite ATC of the two features him. I call it... can you guess... "Collaborators" I made it so that it opens too and one of the little gears works as a latch to hold it closed. Below is both opened. Do click on it so you can also get a larger view of the stamps I used on the inside!

Detail Note:
I also wanted to point out the difference you can get with different papers. The ATC on the left is stamped on card stock so I got a really crisp image where as the one on the right is stamped on a page from a very old book. Same ink but it bled into the paper and created a more photographic look.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saving Grace .... from a garden chill maybe

Sorry I am so late this week, my mom fell again and it kinda distracted me : / anyway... the theme this week at Mixed Media Monday is "Cool it down" . I am not much on blue so this teal is about as cool blue as I get... I do think this is really kewl though :)) and in real life the teal looks much lighter.

I am also entering this int Alter It Monthly for the September "Rust" theme.

I thought that I could use in in my bathroom. I have an old smashed shaving case that I am working on for in there too. The chain on the purse hangs from the back side of the purse so I intend to hang it on the wall open. Then I can use it to hold things I use everyday like my brush, comb and hair clips.

I rusted the frame and chain then used an image from my new "nicely nudes" collage sheet and printed it on fabric. She is nude in a garden so she must be cool :)) I covered it with cracked mica and used an old belt buckle for the frame. Then some antique lace and vintage brass and rusted metal findings finished it off.

Photo Update 9-25:
I have said this before... I just kept looking at it and feeling it was not quite done. I am honorable at taking things apart and redoing them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eye Candies from the Artistic Souls

I have lots to share today! Once again we had our monthly meeting of the Artistic Souls of Eagle Idaho :) What a treat it was to visit with such special friends! Barb made the most wonderful lunch and then we snacked on goodies as we created the eye candies that I am sharing today!

I will start with my challenge this month, now I brought these with me to the meeting.... I was to make ATC's from a Magenta's Charming Little Girls stamp. The looked like little windows so of course I had to give them a house. I covered the chipboard houses with real antique papers that I took from an antique ledger paper available at my little etsy store. Then I used wavy copper tape for the roof and a copper metal file tag for the window. Of course I have to age so I used some aging solution to darken the copper. The rest of the stamps... florals and wording are from Scroll Works. Oh and that reminds me ... you really should visit there. She has a new steampunk sheet of rubber stamps due in any day... but she has them on her website. I had to order every one... lol.

Then we all brought a shoe box with a project... so the cards to follow I made but they were projects brought by members of the Artistic Souls.

My shoe box project was this cute little ATC ... It was done by coating real score sheets from Word Yahtzee with watered down paint then stamping and adding the letters from a travel scrabble game. The crown is from my hats sheet at my etsy store

This is the shoe box project brought by Judy Johnson ... Don't you just love that! She had just taken a Tim Holts class and shared the distress ink technique. That is how the background was done. The stamps I used are script and outlined leaf are from Hero Arts The oak and maple leaf are from Rubber Stampede

This one is the shoe box project brought by Barb Crowell... our fearless leader :)) Her card came out much better than mine. However I don't have a picture of her beautiful card so you will have to settle for my crooked version. We stamped velum with the fern leaf from Stampin up then it was sliced and woven ... mine was straight then I messed with it and got it all crooked : / anyway ... then we stamped the crane from Judikins cut it out and applied it to the front. I just love the serene feeling of this card!
Carolyn Summers brought this fun little daisy punch card. The stamp in the center is from Scroll Works.

Then this is the project Merine Heberger brought. The stamp is poppies from Hero Arts We stamps red on red cardstock and then brown on a cream card stock to create this beauty!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seeing Red...Not :))

I am seeing red as is everyone this week over at Mixed Media Monday. I can't wait to go blog hoping and see the red everyone else has been seeing too. I hated missing the challenge last week but I had company and just could not get to it :(

My entry is a little book box covered in handmade red paper with an attached bookmark magnet. I sandwiched a piece of roofing tin between the cover paper and the matte board on the lid so the bookmark would cling to the box yet be removable too. The stamps used are from Scroll Works
and if you would like to make one of these little book boxes or maybe a whole library of them, the pattern is available in my etsy store :)


I love the way the curve on the faux pages curves to make it look like a real little book!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spooky Mail Day .....

I have had a house full of company this week and I am afraid I missed the challenge over at Mixed Media Monday :( I started my project but was unable to get it finished before our company arrived.... I will post it when I finish anyway. I am crossing my fingers in anticipation of this next weeks theme, hopefully it will fit with it too :))

However I did receive some spooky fun ATC's from Wendy over at Blissangles I thought it was a one for one swap but to my surprise there was three :/ Thank you Wendy! They are fabulous and will make such a special addition to my collection!
This is the one I sent... It is a little Kissing Booth. I used my "Spooky" theater collage sheet and an image from my "Trick or Treater's" sheet and both are available at my little etsy store I will get a couple more made and sent too :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blisful ATC's Orange

Recently I joined the "Blissful ATC Swap" ... there link is now on my left hand sidebar... anyway my first swap there so I hope that it is ok to post these. The theme was "Orange" and below is the ATC I sent to my partner Laura It is done on crinkled tinfoil with Dresden foil trim. The dance hall girl is layered on an orange feather and her dance costume was glittered. I finished it off with some leaves stamped with "Dance" and a little metal corner scroll. It was really hard to get a good picture because the reflection off the glitter and the foil but then I always think they look better in real hands

This is the one that Laura sent. I have seen several felted ATC's online but this is the first time I have seen one in real life...what a treat as you can see! It too was hard to photograph and this picture really doesn't do it justice at all. It also had a really cute little backside but my camera ran out of battery by time I got a good one of the front. I do love it and will treasure having it in my little ATC collection