Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eye Candies from the Artistic Souls

I have lots to share today! Once again we had our monthly meeting of the Artistic Souls of Eagle Idaho :) What a treat it was to visit with such special friends! Barb made the most wonderful lunch and then we snacked on goodies as we created the eye candies that I am sharing today!

I will start with my challenge this month, now I brought these with me to the meeting.... I was to make ATC's from a Magenta's Charming Little Girls stamp. The looked like little windows so of course I had to give them a house. I covered the chipboard houses with real antique papers that I took from an antique ledger paper available at my little etsy store. Then I used wavy copper tape for the roof and a copper metal file tag for the window. Of course I have to age so I used some aging solution to darken the copper. The rest of the stamps... florals and wording are from Scroll Works. Oh and that reminds me ... you really should visit there. She has a new steampunk sheet of rubber stamps due in any day... but she has them on her website. I had to order every one... lol.

Then we all brought a shoe box with a project... so the cards to follow I made but they were projects brought by members of the Artistic Souls.

My shoe box project was this cute little ATC ... It was done by coating real score sheets from Word Yahtzee with watered down paint then stamping and adding the letters from a travel scrabble game. The crown is from my hats sheet at my etsy store

This is the shoe box project brought by Judy Johnson ... Don't you just love that! She had just taken a Tim Holts class and shared the distress ink technique. That is how the background was done. The stamps I used are script and outlined leaf are from Hero Arts The oak and maple leaf are from Rubber Stampede

This one is the shoe box project brought by Barb Crowell... our fearless leader :)) Her card came out much better than mine. However I don't have a picture of her beautiful card so you will have to settle for my crooked version. We stamped velum with the fern leaf from Stampin up then it was sliced and woven ... mine was straight then I messed with it and got it all crooked : / anyway ... then we stamped the crane from Judikins cut it out and applied it to the front. I just love the serene feeling of this card!
Carolyn Summers brought this fun little daisy punch card. The stamp in the center is from Scroll Works.

Then this is the project Merine Heberger brought. The stamp is poppies from Hero Arts We stamps red on red cardstock and then brown on a cream card stock to create this beauty!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seeing Red...Not :))

I am seeing red as is everyone this week over at Mixed Media Monday. I can't wait to go blog hoping and see the red everyone else has been seeing too. I hated missing the challenge last week but I had company and just could not get to it :(

My entry is a little book box covered in handmade red paper with an attached bookmark magnet. I sandwiched a piece of roofing tin between the cover paper and the matte board on the lid so the bookmark would cling to the box yet be removable too. The stamps used are from Scroll Works
and if you would like to make one of these little book boxes or maybe a whole library of them, the pattern is available in my etsy store :)


I love the way the curve on the faux pages curves to make it look like a real little book!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spooky Mail Day .....

I have had a house full of company this week and I am afraid I missed the challenge over at Mixed Media Monday :( I started my project but was unable to get it finished before our company arrived.... I will post it when I finish anyway. I am crossing my fingers in anticipation of this next weeks theme, hopefully it will fit with it too :))

However I did receive some spooky fun ATC's from Wendy over at Blissangles I thought it was a one for one swap but to my surprise there was three :/ Thank you Wendy! They are fabulous and will make such a special addition to my collection!
This is the one I sent... It is a little Kissing Booth. I used my "Spooky" theater collage sheet and an image from my "Trick or Treater's" sheet and both are available at my little etsy store I will get a couple more made and sent too :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blisful ATC's Orange

Recently I joined the "Blissful ATC Swap" ... there link is now on my left hand sidebar... anyway my first swap there so I hope that it is ok to post these. The theme was "Orange" and below is the ATC I sent to my partner Laura It is done on crinkled tinfoil with Dresden foil trim. The dance hall girl is layered on an orange feather and her dance costume was glittered. I finished it off with some leaves stamped with "Dance" and a little metal corner scroll. It was really hard to get a good picture because the reflection off the glitter and the foil but then I always think they look better in real hands

This is the one that Laura sent. I have seen several felted ATC's online but this is the first time I have seen one in real life...what a treat as you can see! It too was hard to photograph and this picture really doesn't do it justice at all. It also had a really cute little backside but my camera ran out of battery by time I got a good one of the front. I do love it and will treasure having it in my little ATC collection


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing With ATC's

Doesn't this little guy look like an undertaker! ... I thought he would be perfect for a little Halloween ATC ...or I guess it could just be a spooky steampunk ATC... either way at the heart of this little undertaker is the cross :)) He is on my new "Graveyard Party" collage sheet available in my little etsy store

 I don't usually do religious art but I must have been in a "high spirited" mood today :)) This is for a door swap I am in and it just went in the mail so I hope the recipient isn't lookin :D


I just loved the little image I used 

Queen of Diamonds... Gothic Arches Crown

I know this is a lousy picture! I know it is summer but here in Idaho it is raining! ... I know .... raining!

So the lighting is not good and when I tried to use a flash the "diamonds" reflected it too much... it had to have natural lighting. That meant outside : / so I put the umbrella up on my patio table and this is as good as I could get. I actually made this for a friend. I tease her all the time calling her "The Queen Of Diamonds". The bottom piece is actually a huge pin I want to give her. I punched holes for the pin to go through to the back side but it is removable.

Gothic Arches .... Crown challenge

Monday, August 9, 2010

Remembering The Butterflies


When I was a child there were no video games. We had to actually do things to keep ourselves entertained ... lol. I grew up in Cambria California... we lived in the woods in a log cabin but we were also just a mile from the beach so there really was a lot to do. When we were not at the beach we were running through the walking paths in the woods. One of my most favorite memories is when the butterfly's would migrate and the woods would be filled with them. It is one of my most precious memories that I will always treasure!

Mixed Media Monday....memories

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Witching Hour Comes

The week the theme over at Gothic Arches is Owls. I am not too much on owls but I have been playing around with Halloween stuff lately.

I used a trick or treat sucker card for my background and then my witching hour owl clock. I put real watch hands that had been salvaged off an old watch that I had taken apart for the gears. The little witch is from a new sheet of dark fairies that I have in my little etsy store.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Past Loves for Mixed Media Monday

I missed last week at Mixed Media Monday but I am trying to get back on track

My past love is Asian Art... I find it so elegant and peaceful. When I need to recharge I always turn to it. This is a tiny canvas.... just 2 x 2 I added texture using spackle mixed with latex paint.