Saturday, March 22, 2008

ATC workshop ... Lesson 7

As promised …. Lesson 7!

The first one is a resin fresco. I started with a harvest gold cardstock and then dabbed embossing ink here and there. Then sprinkled it with ultra thick embossing powder. Then it was dry brushed with gesso here and there too. Once that was dry, I painted it with a wine acrylic paint and then with a pink metallic. It was then stamped and the edges trimmed with a black permanent marker and then again with a gold paint pen. The little embellishment was made by mixing ultra thick embossing powder with a little of the wine acrylic in a bottle cap. Then I heated the bottom of the cap with my heat gun. When it was melted I stuck a stamp that had been coated with a blue metallic pigment ink into the melted stuff. When it was cool I just peeled off the stamp.

The second one is called glass like resin. I used white cardstock and dry brushed vertically with a teal paint and then dry brushed horizontal with pink. When that was dry the entire cardstock was covered with embossing ink and sprinkled with ultra thick embossing powder. While it was hot I kept sprinkling more and more ultra thick embossing until I had a deep finish. While that was still soft, it was stamped with the swirl and the little saying. Then I used a gold paint pen on the edges and some little fairies that I had cut out of my collage sheets.

The third one I think is my favorite. It is called dimensional resin. First a sheet of mica is cut the same size as an ATC. Then metal tape is used to form walls around the edges so the resin wont run off. If you have ever made a little pan out of foil it is much like that. Then I molded a raindrop in a resin mold using melted ultra thick embossing, stirring in some blue Judikins roxs with a skewer. Then I filled the mica “pan” about half way with the same resin. I sat the whole thing on a electric fry pan to keep it liquid while I worked. Then I added foil flakes at the bottom and added the embellishments. The spider web is a Dresden foil and the little face is a metal bead. Then I finished filling the little “pan” with melted ultra thick embossing and dropped my pre-molded raindrop in. When it was cooled, the metal tape was removed. Then I stamped my newsprint stamp on the back. The words look backwards from the front but they are so small you really don’t read them anyway…at least not through the resin.


Gayle Page-Robak said...

These are so excellent, Inka. Beautifully created.

Moniqui said...

Great ATCs! I love the one on the right!

Anonymous said...

The 3rd one, with the dimensional resin is my pick too!
Vicki in OH

leenda said...

WOW! These are amazing pieces of artwork!

Kim said...

Wow - you're dangerous with these ATC's aren't you?! They're all beautiful including your previous lessons but I think #3 is my fav too - that's pretty cool!
Been thinking 'bout you - I will write very soon.

Janny said...

So beautiful, thank you for your tutatorials!

Sandie R said...

These are beautiful and i can't pic a fav because I like them all.