Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My junky day out!

I have been talking to Mary Schweitzer about doing a doppelganger of her “Noteworthy” piece. I just loved it and wanted one for my office desk. So I headed into town to once again try and find an open doll head and some little junk for other assemblage pieces … I still don’t know my way around Boise too well so after trudging through several antiques shops and only finding niceties, I was about to give up. Then as I was headed down a street that had a bunch construction going on, I saw a sidewalk sign that said “Dusty Trunk” …Wow that sounded like what I was looking for. Sure enough it was a shop just packed full of vintage and antique junk! I found the perfect doll head, and take note of the canning jar holder next to the head in the picture … doll body???? hmmmmm :)) I also found lots of stuff for other projects too! There were tiny bottles and plastic gumball toys, keys, keys and more keys! an old box lock and wow too much to list! I am in junk heaven now so expect some pieces posted soon!


Gayle Page-Robak said...

OMG, I want to go shopping at that shop with you....what awesome treasures. I love looking at all the things you found..down to a cupie doll! These you don't see much anymore, they are such collector's items. I love the little it glass? And the patina metal cap with the figure on it..looks like one of those ornamental caps they put over chimney wall holes in the old days when they took the heat pipes out for the summer. Awesome...Thanks for sharing...I can just imagine all the beautiful pieces you can create with all of these pieces!

Moonwillow said...

I’ve been tagged for a game where you share 6 weird quirks or habits you may have. So that means I am tagging you! I hope you play along, thanks!

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Jen Crossley said...

Oh I wish I could go junk shopping with you also .You got some great stuff there girl.Cant wait to see what you come up with

mary schweitzer said...

That's quite a haul ya got there! Can't wait to see what you do with it all. I know it will be fantastic.

Aileen said...

Wow Inka you found great goodies!! did you say we could come shopping at your house :::grin::: what time shall I be there ;-) What fun you will have creating with your treasures!