Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh you beautiful dolls!

I think I mentioned that recently I had been doing a little private tutoring. When Janice and her granddaughter Michelle decided to start a little enterprise creating art together, they approached me and asked if I could give them a little private tutoring. I was so honored that they felt a few lessons from me would give them that edge to be successful. So I brainstormed for a few days writing down my most used and favorite techniques. For the past few weeks they have been over several times. We have had so much fun creating some wonderful projects. They will be available soon in there little etsy store.

So here is a sneak peek at Michelle and one of her projects

...and Janice with one of her projects.

I know these pictures really don't do them justice but I will post more of them and there projects when they get there little store open.


Carolyn said...

Yes, they are indeed beautiful and so creative. Our local group was privileged to see a couple of the dolls not quite finished and I was in awe at the details involved. These will be a one of a kind for the lucky buyers. No where will you find anything more artistic or lifelike. Inka you are a marvelous tutor and mentor.

Priti Lisa said...

You are a wonderful teacher, the dolls look lovely!