Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hubby's Gift :o

I told you it was good

Can you spot it there amongst all the clutter?

Here let me take those little calling cards off the top and give you a closer look!


and this picture doesn't even do it justice!

 It is a tiny little silver plated postal scale... Just 3 1/2 inches across the bottom.
Marked Wilcox Silverplate Co Sept 5, 1898

and here is another mystery for you
What really kewl thing can you make from this random mix of parts???
and no that is not the little weight plate from off the little postal scale :D

Answer tomorrow so stay tuned to the next exciting adventure of
Inka's Junky side :))


Ann said...

I've never seen anything like this! It's a treasure!!

laura said...

Where do you find all this wonderful junk? My spouse does not get my need to aquire such junk!


Super sweet! ~ Angela

Valerie-Jael said...

What a lovely little thing, very unusual!

Carolyn said...

Inka, I love the tiny scale! As for the other items...only you have the imagination to turn them into something unique. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with them.

HeARTworks said...

What a truly special gift! He's a treasure, your husband is. And I am eager to see the art you'll make out of those pieces! Patsy from

Yvonne said...

WOW, you create the most amazing pieces, Inka!

janita mantel said...

i love all that old things, things whit a story, beautiful picturs

Michelle said...

That is beautiful!