Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just me and my art, tutorials
and free printable


Well I guess it is back to "All about me" :)) and things around this house has been just crazy. I did get this frame done and I am also adding a tutorial on how to make authentic looking cab cards below and a free printable to start you off.

The about me part, I have had company for the past couple of weeks and the last of them went home on the 3rd. Whew I thought! My son called me the next morning and told me my beautiful little grandson was sick. It did not look to serious but he was taking him to a doctors appointment. I told him to call me and let me know how he was. Shortly later my son called again and said that the little guy had Fifth disease, a virus that most children get. Between the time he had called me and the time he got him to the doctor he had broken out in the most awful red rash and even some blisters. So he had it to a more severe degree than most. It is not a virus that will really harm him as it will run it's course but if his momma who is 4 months pregnant contracted it there was a risk of significant harm to the unborn baby : / The doctor said it would be best if our little guy and his momma stayed in separate houses... sooo I have a sick little guy for the next week and his momma is in tears too since she can't be there for her sick little one. My son has been running back and forth between the two houses but each time he goes home he has to shower so our little momma doesn't catch it. I just keep saying "Gosh what next!" ... lol

How about how to make authentic looking cab cards! 

First you will need to print your image (and you can use the one below) on semi gloss brochure paper. Then you need some light weight matt board, like the white gift boxes you can get from the dollar store. Oh yes, you will also need a can of craft spray glue.

Cut out the image you are going to use for the front of the cab card and spray glue the backside. Stick it to the light weight matt board and let that dry. Cut out the image you are going to use for the backside leaving about a 14 inch extra around the edges. Spray the backside of your image with glue. Then lay the image already on the matt board onto a light box or hold it against a window so you can see where the edges of the card will be. Align the front image with the back image. Once dry using your already cut out image, cut the matt board and the backside image to match the front.

Use a heavy emery board to sand the edges and round the corners.

Use an ink that matches the print all around the edges also touching it here and there direct to the paper on both the front and the back. Then blend it all with a blending solution or a blending pen. Since I had used a laser printer, I could just use alcohol.


I also bend it here and there and bang the corners to give them the look of having been handled through the years.

I placed mine in the frame above with some originals and as you can see it is difficult to tell the difference.



Now for the printable :)
Feel free to pin the thumbs below but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads



Sarah said...

Sounds like Grandma to the rescue. Sorry to hear the little fellow is sick and hope that his recovery is quick so he can get back to his momma.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great work, love it! Sorry to hear of your sick grandchild, hope all is soon well again!

Art From The heart said...

Thanks for sharing a great idea.
Hope your grandson gets well soon,it's good tou are close by to help.
Kugs, Amy

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope that everyone will get well quick!

Inka, you are so lovely to share your tutorial with us! Thank you!


Jann said...

Great tutorial-such a clever idea! Thank you for sharing!

Jann said...

PS I hope your grandson gets well soon!

Marlynn said...

So sorry about your grandson. Sounds like you are being stretched and you still have time to do the tutorial! WOW. Stop by Honeysuckle Breeze and you will see a few of your steampunk kids! I love your stuff! Hugs,

Carolyn said...

A new week Inka, and hopefully Quinton is getting well and on the road to complete recovery.

Thanks for the cabinet card images and your marvelous tutorial.


Nacreous Alchemy said...

Sorry about your Grandson Inka I hope he's better soon. I love the tutorial can't wait to try it out. :)

cookievf said...

Hello inka, I found your shop on etsy through another's FAVORITES... then followed your link here and so happy i did.

I've enjoyed all of the lovely projects (advent cabinet among others), printables and especially this one ~ such a clever idea for display! Thank you and hope your precious grandson is feeling better real SOON!

Please take a peek at some fun i had this week making art (what else?) and then posting the tutorial.

your new friend,
- vicki

Lori said...

Hope your Grand is feeling better! I love the tutorial, will be using it soon! Thanks!

Debbie Emmons said...

Thanks Inka for the great cabinet card tutorial and images. I can hardly wait to try it.

Jacque you can rest assured that Grammy will take good care of Quinton for you and he'll soon be well.

Lynn Stevens said...

Inka, How wonderful you always are there for your family. I'm sure you have been so busy taking care of everyone else. Be sure and Take care of yourself!

Great tutorial, Thanks for sharing
Hugs Lynn

HeARTworks said...

By now, I hope your grandson is back with his mama and all is well. Have been enjoying my visit to your blog. So many wonderful projects!
Patsy from

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Well, Grandma Nightingale, I have a frame almost like yours. I love what you've done with it. I might have to borrow your idea.

marie said...

Thanks for the printable and the great tutorial....I LOVE how you used the old frame to display the photos. Great look!!

Hope your grandbaby gets well real soon!

Unknown said...

Its really an impressive collection held in hands, i liked the b&w cards most, it is pleasure to look on the aspects which are now in our books.

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