Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eagle Fun Days... NOT! Free Carnaval Printable

Things have just been crazy around our house, with getting the after winter yard work done and moving my studio to make room for my sisters arrival there just has not been time to breath but we had our grandson Saturday so we took the day off and went to the Eagle Fun Days. OMGosh I will never go again!!! I had expected it to be similar to the Emmett Cherry Festival and as I said... NOT. First of all we arrived and could not get within a mile of the place. But having promised our grandson a parade and carnival poppa put him up on his shoulders and we made the long trek to the parade route.

With my feet already killing me we watched there dismal excuse for a parade. It was a total joke consisting of Firetruck, Ambulances and nice cars. There was a couple of clown cars from Zamsows and a helicopter car and lots of acrobatic troupes followed but a bunch of kids with super soakers wetting everyone down. But our grand baby is 3 so he didn't know any better and he had a blast. We consoled ourselves with "that is what counts"... lol
Then there was the carnival. It was over a mile away from the downtown area where the food court and their few vendors were... so another long walk. It was located on a vacant dirt lot that was covered with goat heads. Seriously, the soles of my shoes were covered solid with them. It also only had about 8 - 10 rides and a "midway" of a few games. Each ride cost about $2.75 and it took them over 5 minutes to load the ride then they ran the ride for only 1 minute : / Quinton was only big enough for 4 of them and I even had to ride one or he could not get on... so I squeezed my rather large "blank,it,e blank" onto the obviously too small seat so he could ride. Quinton however was delighted, he had no concept that grandma paid over $5.00 a ride so he could ride each one

Tell this kid it was a disaster! Still.. if you are in the area, my advise is to skip "Eagle Fun Days" it is too spread out with no parking. Just save your money for the "Emmett Cherry Festival" the following week. I would have but I am leaving for California so I don't think I will be here. I will miss it though. All the kids in our family usually but the wrist bands so the cost is cut down quite a bit. It has a cute little parade that goes right by a lovely tree covered park were all the food booths, vendor booths and carnival is located and it has lots of parking. The entire thing has twice as many food booths, carnival rides and vendors and the cost is just about the same.

This came from a very small Victorian die cut. There printing techniques were not the greatest either. It doesn't really meet my usual standard of quality although I did touch it up as much as I could. But it fit the theme and if you don't try to print it too large it should work for a lot of things.

Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the image, and though the Eagle Fun Days was maybe not the best event to go to, the story made me smile... :)

bobbie said...

Having been here for it last year, we gave it a miss this year... still unpacking!

CoopDeVilla said...

Oh, I just had to laugh. Love the fact that grandbaby was oblivious to it all. Goat heads... ouch, hate them! I tell ya, only in Idaho... ;)

Art From The heart said...

Well at least your grandson had a good time and that's all that matters.
Thanks for the image.
Hugs, Amy

Jan Hennings said...

A beautiful image and wish the Eagle Fun Days had been a little better for you :)

Carolyn said...

Oh how brave you were. We have lived here over ten years and never attended Eagle Fun Days. First I don't like getting wet at the parade and secondly I don't want to eat "cowboy oysters."

As you say, it was fun for Quinton and that's what really counts.

Drive safely...return soon.

Valerie-Jael said...

So sorry you were disappointed. things like that are mostly a big rip off here, too! But the little one enjoyed it, for him it will remain a magical day! Valerie

Lynn Stevens said...

now I remember why we don't go to Eagle fun days... Not so fun! LOL

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing the merry go round. I just love it.

suruha said...

Ah, bless the innocence of the little ones. LOL When my oldest brother was a little guy, he saw a submarine offer on the back of a box of cereal. He had to have it! It showed the sub diving and surfacing and it looked cool! Our mom helped him save the required number of boxtops and even threw in the 75 cent shipping fee for him. What came in the mail was a grey, sub-shaped piece of solid plastic that was all of 2-3 inches, with no working parts. What you did was put a little scoop of baking soda in a cap, of sorts, that sat on the top of the sub. When the water hit the soda, the bubble-action made the 'sub' surface, if you call rising to the top and flopping over surfacing. Once the bubbles stopped, the thing sank like a rock.
My brother was broken hearted! I guess it was fun until it came in the mail, eh? In this case, a child was let down, but, with your grandson, I think he was too young to realize it. Bless him and his memories!
Thanks for letting me share.