Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paper Circus and more!

As much as I have told myself that I had enough vintage papers... I have paper fever! I just can't resist purchasing a find like this! Nine sheets in all but only seven are Circus theme. They are from an early 1900's woman's magazine that offered a center fold of paper toys each month. The Circus sheets are bound for Collage sheets in my little etsy store. However I do plan to offer the others as free downloads on my blog. Two are Christmas theme so they will have to wait but you can expect the others to be showing up soon :)

If you love Circus and would like to make some art examples for my listing page with these just email me using the link on my right hand sidebar. I will be taking the first two or three so you could get them free!


American Made Gifts said...

Oh yes, I love circus from childhood.
I wonder where did you find an early 1900's woman's magazine?
This is extraordinary to make some art from this.
Its all very nice

laura said...

What a wonderful find! I am looking forward to seeing some in your Etsy shop!

Anonymous said...

hey friend, its me! I love the cirque so you know anytime you send me any subject you will get the "inspired look" back! The table is done, I will send you the full pic. I only used a tiny amount on the table but the next project will have a bunch!