Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studio Update Sewing Trunk
Free Sewing Printable

I know this studio redo is taking forever! I have so many projects and I keep doing a little on this one and a little on that one... and nothing is getting done! So I decided to just get one completed : )

This is what I started with.

First I darkened the interior metal with jewelry blackening, then painted the inside with a dark cream paint. My thought was to paint sign graphics from an antique sewing store sign on it but then I found this fabric and I was in love. Hubby built a shelf that sat on the metal brackets you can see in the picture to hold my sewing machine. It has a drop down cover so I can pull the machine out to sew. We added some large casters so that it would be the right height to sit at and also so that it would open and close easily. 

This is with the drop down desk closed 

... and this is with it open

Oh yes... and the free printable... what else could I post :))

Feel free to pin the thumb above but please do not pin the actual download. I would like everyone to stop by here to download it so they don't miss all my other fun free downloads



Connie said...

Oh my goodness, that is the most incredible truck, you did it justice. It is mind-blowing amazing. What a fascinating job you did on it. Great idea to add the shelf too. Your hubby deserves a big hug.
Speaking of husbands, thank you for the sweet comment on the rocking horse motorcycle that my husband made for our granddaughter. I'm sending you a link to his blog. He has the birthday gift posted that he made for our other granddaughter. I'm very proud of him.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Connie :)

Sarah said...

What a practical use for one of those old steamer trunks. I love how you converted it to a portable sewing center.

CuddlyBunny said...

Holy cow! A beautiful redo!

Unknown said...

Inka that trunk is just awesome, love the idea of a sewing trunk! Just need to find a steamer trunk! Hugs again Marilou

Carolyn said...

Inka, incredible was already used so what can I say . . . love the outcome of your old trunk. One of these days a trip to view your studio must be on the schedule.

You and hubby work so well together and you are fortunate that he likes to assist.

Miss you,

Woodworkin' & Good Eats said...

Hi, I just stopped by to thank you for the nice comment you made on my blog about Lucy's toy kitchen.I did put my heart into making it.

I'm not surprised to see Connie here raving about that chest. She would love to come across something like that. Have a great day, Steve

Connie said...

Hi, thanks so much for visiting and taking my little travel trailer tour. Maybe you should sit your husband down in front of the computer and show him what these ladies have done with their little trailers . . . it might just put a bee in his bonnet. I've been married for 36 years and I know that every now and then our husbands need a little nudge. Have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by. Connie :)

Hippie said...

yes that is pretty, good job and you too hubby

Sharon said...

I just found your blog today and want to thank you for the personal use of such cute printables!