Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Studio Progress

I have been so busy! Yes... working on the studio and getting my planting done.I have also been busy working on my studio.. I finished the "crate stack" for my printer. I added some vintage casters and a little lace curtain to hide my inkjet printer. 


and I have put some of the vintage locker baskets to use... I have been arranging and rearranged things a hundred times...lol. I even put the newspaper shelf paper on my bookcase. So here is another peek at that. 

I got much of my lace wound onto the printable spools that I posted previously. 

I just love to edge them with a gold paint pen... They look so authentic
Its all coming together now... I am so excited! 


Sarah said...

Just by the glimpse I get of your studio, I think it would take hours to seek out all of the goodness hidden there. It must be your favorite room in the house!
Thank you for the beautiful seed packets. So pretty!!

Carolyn said...

Hi Inka. Love the seed packet download. I plan to make a Secret Garden Journal and the seed packets will be perfect for it.

Take care of yourself and . . .one of these days...we'll manage to get together.

Love hugs,

Teresa Carini said...
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Teresa Carini said...

Thank you very much for the image of the seeds! A hug!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Thank you so much for sharing your artwork. I plan to make mini pillow tucks of the seed packets.
These are wonderful!

Carolyn said...

Hi. Just found these via Pinterest, can any any of the wording on the front or back be edited if loaded into Word?