Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quinton And Jaspers Birthday Cakes

Wow... Halloween is sneaking up on me fast! I just have so much going on this time of year. Both my grandchildren and there mom and dad has had birthdays in the last two months. I always try to do a special birthday cake for them :)
This year Jasper wanted "George"... his favorite cartoon is Curious George. Here he is giving "George" a kiss.

And here is a closer look at his George on a mountain of bananas cake.

It took grandpa four hours to make all those bananas!

Then Quinton wanted a dinosaur cake again. He told me that his dinosaur cake last year was nice but this year he wanted the He has been telling us he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up since he was three.

So here is our little paleontologist :)

And a closer look at his dinosaur dig cake.


2amscrapper said...

I haven't visited in awhile. You are giving some wonderful free images! I love Dolly Dingle! Your grandkids and their cakes are too cute!

Tea in the Library said...

Love the dinosaur dig cake! Both cakes are wonderful. Best wishes to you for good health.

doodle said...

Thank you SO much!