Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Book Page Poinsettias Pattern And Tutorial

I have been making some Christmas crafts myself too! along with being busy making some new ornaments, I needed something for the top of the tree. I decided I wanted to make some book page poinsettias to match the new book page honeycomb ornaments but every pattern that I found had perfect little petals and natural poinsettias just don't look like I just made one.

Even though a natural poinsettia doesn't have book page print on them I still wanted them to have a natural shape :))

Once it was completed I sprayed it with alcohol ink to give it an aged look. I liked it so well that I am doing some not just for the top but for the whole tree. I also tried one in red but I think I like the first one the best. I still have to get some beads to go in the centers. I will put them on a wire so they can just be stuck in the center. That way they can be removed so that they can be folded flat for storage. They are fast and easy and will keep from year to year... so go ahead and make a bunch! 

Pattern and Instructions are available in my little etsy store


Ann said...

They are beautiful and thank you for the pattern. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. said...

let me say how beautiful they are wow! and thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks heaps for the template. .. I'm doing mason jars for Kidney kids
As a fundraiser and making flowers isn't my thing and this is so
helpful😊 We will have heaps of wonderful options thanks to your
gorgeous template😊

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