Saturday, May 20, 2023

 I have had a lot of requests for a tutorial on my "Alice in Wonderland" theater so her goes:

  I started with an old jewelry box that I got at the thrift store and removed the drawers.

I cut two slots in the top so that I could use the puppet wands. and painted the top.

 I used scrapbooking papers to cover the rest of the box. 

I then added the facade and some astro turf made for trains on the top. 
You can follow my "Basic Theater Instructions" on my blog to prepare the facade and puppets.
I prepared the facade twice and cut out the frogs and the frame at the top and glued it to the facade so it would add de mention and the frogs would stand out.


Then I used a floral spray from Hobby Lobby to make a tree for the Cheshire cat to sit in. I removed the floral tape at the bottom and separated the wires, twisted them to resemble tree roots and re wrapped them with floral tape.

Then I added a little picket fence around the top....also from Hobby Lobby. 
Then a little bit of bling, glitter, flowers with little clay faces, ect and I was done.
Before the bling
Example of the wire wands and stands used for the puppets.


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