Monday, April 14, 2008

ATC workshop ... Lesson 9

I know I am wayyyyy behind but I refuse to give up :D

The first one is Hand Stitching and I actually did this one last week but with flitting off to retreat and all the preparation that took I did not get to the second one until today. The first one was done by making a little pillow complete with a touch of stuffing the same size as an ATC. Then you hand stitch around the edges. I used silk ribbon for my edges. Then I used just a regular thread and quilted it a little. Not much of that shows though because the next step was to do an image transfer and sew that on. Then I just added my little heart shaped button and a brass plaque.

The second one is machine stitching and I really like this one the best. First I sewed some beige muslin to a white ATC card with navy blue thread. Then I wet the whole thing down with alcohol and drizzled some alcohol ink on it. While that was drying, I stamped some more muslin with my newsprint stamp. Then I used a little of that to make the mountain that the little Adam and Eve are sitting on. Then I stamped newsprint on the backside of muslin that had already been stamped. I cut it in strips and sewed several down the center. I clipped both sides to the stitching and twisted it forming the newsprint fringe for across the top. Once I stamped my background it was back to the sewing machine for a little white stitching. Then I just added my little flowers and the brass plaque.


mary schweitzer said...

Inka, these are so sweet! Beautiful work.

Genie said...

Some lovely work

Anonymous said...

As in my comment on that last post, I'm really liking these new fabric pieces!
Vicki in OH

Linda Fleming said...

Thank you, Inka, for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment about Big Frog.

I have enjoyed browsing around your blog. I love how you use unusual and old items in your art work. I think my favorite is the light bulb shrine- so delightful and unique, just like your blog!

joanne wardle said...

such a lot of work, but well worth it, they are both gorgeous

Gayle Page-Robak said...

I love seeing the ATC art from your Belinda workshop, Inka. You do such beautiful work on these ATC's...I love these. I haven't been blog viewing enough, so trying to catch up with your art.