Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have started mine off with a few resolutions.

To keep up with my blog a little better. When I started blogging last year it was my intention to post about my life and art. I did not want it to be about my business : / However, I love to offer blog candy found myself often offering stamps and collage sheets from Inka Stamps when I was too caught up with my swaps and such to make a piece of art for candy. Well I have resigned myself to the fact that my business is part of who I am so the blog candy will continue as it is but I do want to start posting more of my own artwork and also more about what is happening in my life too…. I thought it a reasonable compromise :)) I also want to take more time for myself to go blog hopping and drink in all the beautiful art that others have done as well as spend more time on my own art and doing the things I love.

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