Friday, January 16, 2009

More DIY :))

I said I was going to do more blogging about my art and what I have been up to. I have put my art on hold to get some DIY stuff done in my studio. Last week I found an entertainment center at a thrift shop for $25 and it was all hardwood. It had two drawers on the bottom and even the inside of the drawers were wood. I thought it would sit in the garage for at least a month before I could get the hubby to work on it but this past weekend he volunteered. I did not want something that big in the studio so I had him cut the drawers off the bottom and put the top of the entertainment center on for a top. I then painted them black and put the little aquarium stand that was already in the office on top. I had purchased it some time back and gave it a paint job to match my other office furniture. So now I have this great little cupboard for storing all my vintage fabrics and lace and canvases. I use foam core board to divide the drawers for my fibers. I plan to put a few dowels in the bottom drawer for ribbon but I have not gotten there yet. The leftover wood was use to replace the fiberboard desk that I had attached the shutters to on the other side of the room. It now has a lot more storage as shelf’s were added where before was just a hole where the kick area of the desk had been. I have spent several days rearranging and organizing my office and now I am ready to get inky again!


Sarah said...

You can never have enough storage especially with all of the crafting stuff that accumulates. Looks good!
BTW I love your blog banner! You make a lovely fairy!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Great Cabinet Inka and a Great find
especially for $25.00 It looks like the cabinet face has a design to it. Have you thought about distressing it? Or maybe doing a metal embossed art piece for the face. Just a thought. I do alot of this kind of work for my clients ,so I,m always thinking!!!
It Looks awesome the way it is tho!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

What a gorgeous piece of studio furniture, looks awesome. Well done.

StampinCathy said...

Love the cabinet and what a bargain.

Lorraine said...

great belle armoire type of storage and what a great your new blog header

nikki said...

what a great find...that is something that i would love to about to browse through a thrift shop nearby cuz im re-doing my studio..and i cant afford expensive storage..but i hope i find something as nice as that!! lucky you! enjoy it