Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Confessions of a BLURKER : /

After yesterdays post I discovered that they have a word just for me! :] I am a BLURKER! Yes I am the one who reads there blogs from a reader and rarely post. Yep, so many blogs that I am lucky to curl up with a glass of wine and buzz through the list every evening. With a business to run and a family that always seem to need my attention, time for myself and my art are extremely limited. However I do glean so much enjoyment and inspiration from all the blog I watch. Many of them I have found by checking out those that post here. I guess I could cut down on the amount of blogs I watch but I would be missing out on so much beautiful art and tons of inspiration. Now isn’t that why we blog after all… so others can enjoy our art too? I know I have a lot of great artist that watch my blog too but have little time to post. Having that problem myself, I totally understand. I am just happy that they stop by and see what I am working on and are able to enjoy my art.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I am guilty as well-I have a couple hundred blogs on my reader!
chris p

mary schweitzer said...

OMG I'm a Blurker too! I get totally lost following from one link to another! I have had to start writing down places I want to revisit or else I forget. I love the Followers thingy on Blogspot. Makes it easy to blurke LOL!!

Kim said...

hello my name is kim and I am a blurker too.
(and I'm glad you made a nother necklace - love it!)