Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where Bloggers Create

On Thursday, Karen of My Lovely Desert Cottage invited bloggers to join her blog party showing the places where we create. I really wish I had heard about it on time. I had so much fun going down the list and discovering such great storage ideas I felt I needed to give back so although I am two days late I thought I would post a few pictures anyway. So stop by her blog and also check the posts about her room. There were a lot of late comers that have posted pictures on their blogs that are not on the list :)

There is a couple of pictures taken a while back. My studio is not always so neat and right now I have a couple of projects I am working on spread all over my work surfaces. This first one is me in the left side of my studio.

This is my work table and I am facing it in the picture above.

Hubby built my work table and it features a pull out storage for my inks and findings, He even put the acrylic ink shelf on a swivel so that I can access an additional acrylic shelf behind that one. Then it rolls under the table to hide away when not in use.

The other end has a door that opens to hold my scissors and gripper punches and a set of thin drawers.

In the center I have a pull out cart that holds my stamps on acrylic shelf’s. It is made from an old TV stand found at the thrift shop. This is a picture of my acrylic stamp shelf’s when they were in the bar... we just moved them to the cart and I like it much better. Also now next to the stamps I have a roll out trash can.

In the center of the room is my desk.

It is really just a sheet of plywood held up by two bookcases and a piece of tempered glass on top. The bookcase under the desk is where I keep my computer, printer and all that junk. The bookcase on the other end holds my books, magazines, my bottle collection and embellishments I use in my art.

I use to have a bamboo blind across the entire backside but since I closed Inka Stamps I have opened a kick area and a pull out shelf to hold my laptop. Now hubby has a place to sit and visit while we play around on the internet.

Just behind his chair is my soldering station. This is an old picture when I just used it for storage but now there is a pull out shelf that has my soldering iron and tools on it. Also now that there is no Inka Stamps the shelfs behind the roman blinds are just used for storage.

This is the top of the soldering station now. Hubby wired it with a surge protector to turn the soldering iron off and on with. The little lamp you see in the picture is also plugged into the surge protector. This way if the lamp is on I know the soldering iron is on also. This really helps me not to forget to turn it off.. something I am good at :))

This is a close up of my bling and also some more jarred embellishments.

This is an old picture but across the room from that is my cupboard that I store all my fabric, ribbon and so on in. I did a post in the past about how hubby put this together for me.

I now store all my rusty art embellishments on top as well as show off some of the beautiful art I have done and received.

I use to have a plastic bin that I would throw all my paper scraps in. It was a jumbled mess and I could never find what I wanted. So I bought two of those plastic according files and removed the plastic covers. Then I covered a gift box with newspaper and placed the according part in it. Then I organized the scraps by color. Putting all the solid color scraps in the first section and textured and printed in the second according section. Matt board scraps on one end and transparencies on the other. Now I can find what I need without spending twenty minutes going though scraps.


Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Love your space! I saw that you got added and had to stop by and take a gander. My goodness you are a lucky gal to have that space and a hubby to fix it up! So cool!
I'll have to keep reading and see what you like to created. I love stamping too!
Take care!

joanne wardle said...

what a gorgeous space, and it's so tidy!!!

Sarah said...

So spacious, so organized, so inviting!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what great pictures! it's sooo neat!


Mar said...

organized!!!! and beautiful...
you have those stamps displayed in a super can see what they are!
you give some good ideas too..

thank you

Lori said...

Your room is beautiful!!! I especially love your idea of storing paper scraps! Wonderful idea that I need to copy. I have so many scraps, but using the accordion folders in a box is so unique. Thanks for the tour!

Carolyn said...

Inka, wonderful to see you posting again. Happy that you have shared your organizational skills with photos of your working studio. Who wouldn't be impressed.


Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Inka, Its great to see you posted picture of your studio, its such a wonderful space. Inspiring in every way, good to have you back, Hope your doing better!!!

Etha said...

ohhhh your creative space is GORGEOUS!! thanks so much for sharing :)

Moni said...

Fab space you got, love it! Hugs,Moni

Hobbygirl Dolls said...

What a wonderful hubby! I love your space. I hope you don't mind, but I have jotted down a few ideas for my studio space. Thanks for sharing.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hellojust love your black workspace and all your eye candy! will add you to my blog list! thanks for the freebie! Debra

Jackie Koreen said...

Love your blog, but can't seem to grab the quick link, how do I do that?

Unknown said...

Wow! Wish I could come play with you in your art space! It is gorgeous and so organized. Love it!!