Friday, August 21, 2009

Still in California!!

When I left for California on the 3rd I had hoped to be gone a little over a week but I am still here! My mom is doing much better although it was a very close call a couple of times. After spending hour upon hours at the hospital I finally decided that she was well enough for us to take some time away and I took my grand baby to the beach in Cambria. It is the town I spent my childhood so it was really special to be able to share that with my little Quinton. I would have posted an update sooner but my sisters computer is a dinosaur and it has the slowest internet connection that ever existed. It doesn’t have a port for my camera chip but I finally got to Wal-Mart and had my pictures put onto a CD.


joanne wardle said...

s growing so fast!! bless him!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you had some time for fun too!
xxo Judy

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm happy to hear your mom is doing well! Love your picture of you and Quinten, It looks so beautiful at the ocean, I miss it so, Well, I miss you too!! hope your back soon.

Mystic Rose said...

I am so glad things have gone well. Hurry back though, I am so anxious to see more of your book! :))

Carolyn said...

What a great photo! You and Quinton are both enjoying your stroll along the beach. This trip gave you some extra time to spend with Quinton to add joy to worrisiome and stressful time. Hope your mom continues to improve and will return to her home soon.

Linda East said...

Inka I have missed you.
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Linda (Okla)