Friday, December 11, 2009

An Artistic Souls Christmas :)

Do you recognize the faces on those bags!


I am so fortunate to be a member Artistic Souls, a local stamping club in Eagle Idaho. We get together every month and share our art, food and fun :)) Each one of the members has so enriched my art and my life so this Christmas I wanted to do something special. I photoshoped our faces onto a vintage post card and created a faux newspaper article. Then I printed it on some vintage muslin and attached it to a canvas bag. I think I had more fun making these this past week than they did getting them. I just giggled all week long even joking with hubby how I had spent years learning how to sew a strait line and now I was having trouble sewing a crooked But I loved how they came out and I think my friends did too :) If you would like to read our spoof article, I took a photo of it before I sewed them up. Click on the little thumb below and it will take you to a picture large enough to read.


Carolyn said...

ART DAILY NEWS -- Inka's bag is absolutely delicious. So personal and elegant in a style only Inka can pull off. We were all so taken with her creativity and kindess that we have added a tag to our club name:
"Circle of Friends - Artistic Souls"
and we will use the tag, "Circle of Friends" when we submit our collaboration projects for publication, a 2010 club challenge.

I am the senior member and the love, energy and ideas from each one makes me feel young and forever grateful to be included with this talented and thoughtful group.

AWESOME, INKA. You make our hearts sing!

Barb Crowell said...

I just LOVE my bag - yup, I'm an Artistic Soul! The news article was very clever. Inka is one ingenius gal! It's always a treasure to see what she's cooked up. We are very lucky to have her in our group!

Luv ya Inka!

-Barb C.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

This is so cool, Inka! What a fantastic idea! The bags look awesome, you did such a great job! I know the problem with sewing crooked lines too, LOL.

Happy Holidays!


Jen Crossley said...

How beautiful are these I would just love it your so lucky
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very creative 2010

Hobbygirl Dolls said...

Just wonderful! I love the newspaper idea. Thank you for sharing.

Lynn Stevens said...

These are incredible! I didn't realize that the photo was of the gals, Awesome !!!! I'm sure they will cherish them forever!

Unknown said...

Wow, You are so multi-talented. What a special treat for your friends. I know they will cherish these totes. Very fun and thoughtful.