Friday, December 25, 2009

I just had to kiss the cook!

I hope you had as nice a Christmas as we did. We had an amazing meal, visited with the family... and we had the cutest cook ever!


Elaine A said...

That is just a priceless moment. What an adorable chef!

Elaine Allen

Jan said...

Merry Christmas to you! Cute cook.


Hello! I am so happy to have found you today. I just purchased the Valentine's theater from you Etsy shop - I've been looking for one just this size so I won't have to resize any that I have already. I am perusing your blog now and thank you in advance for the freebie images you have offered here. I have also marked some of my favorite digital pages on your Etsy for future purchase. Have a very happy new year! (cutie cook here, by the way!) - Angela

Jacque Heaton said...

I love my baby boy!! He had so much fun with that pot and for a little bit he forgot all those new toys laying around everywhere.

Pattyjo said...

How did he grow up so fast!? It seems just like a few days ago, he was a new baby with the cutest kings crown on.
What a cutey!