Monday, February 8, 2010

Diva Dolls

I know I have been a little quite but I have been busy working on a fun project for the local stamping club I attend...Designing Diva's. This month it was my turn to present the project. I had seen these little Victorian paper dolls and decided it would be such a fun project for valentines day.... then I thought if we were going to do dolls they should have our faces! So I got to work making a personalized paper doll for each one of us ... but only some are represented here.

What a fun evening we had! but really I was giggling all week as I designed each doll. I could hardly wait for last night so I could reveal "the girls" It was so worth the wait though as each doll was revealed to the giggles and squeals of our Diva's The lighting was not great but they all turned out so cute

Now you can be a real doll too! ... available in my etsy store


Lynn Stevens said...

This was so fun, I posted it on mine as well! Thank you Inka for the most amazing evening!

Jacque Heaton said...

I posted the dolls on my blog as well. These really were too fun!

peggy gatto said...

Looks like a great time!!!
What a fun "bunch"!

Elaine A said...

Inka -

You are a genius! What a simple original idea and they came out beautifully. Fantastic!

Elaine Allen

Stacy said...

These paperdolls are brilliant!!! "The Divas" are lucky indeed to have you in the club! Hmmm, I have a close friend who lives in Meridian, to whom I'm overdue for a you sometimes allow guest visitors in your club? ;)

Jan said...

These are great! What a blast you must all have together.

Sue said...

This is such a very cool idea! I BET you had fun!


Patti's Artful Design said...

Those divas look fabulous!