Thursday, February 18, 2010

For The Love Of Theater

I have been under the weather so I have not done much of anything but sleep. As I was looking thought my pictures I realized that I had not blogged this. I think I had planned on saving it because I am working on a new free workshop for little theaters and some of the pictures taken during the construction of this one will be use. But I decided to share it because I have also finished another little theater I can share when I get the workshop finished.
This on was also done from a reclaimed drawer out of an old jewelry box. I used my dremel to expand the hole into a slot where the nob was. That way the little puppet can be lowered through the slot and the little handle can be used to make her dance.


Step by step instruction will be posted as soon as I can get up and around enough to finish writing them :)



I hope you feel better very soon. Your theater does look charming! Looking forward to your tutorial. ~ Angela

Sophie said...

It's beautiful. Makes me want to play!

Elaine A said...

This is adorable Inka! I look forward to the tutorial. I hope you are on the mend soon, take care of yourself.

Elaine Allen

Susan said...

Feel better!

these are DELIGHTFUL! :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Inka you are just to darn clever!
I do hope your feeling better, no fun being sick
hugs Lynn