Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio Progress

I wanted to wait and show pictures of the completed studio but things are not going quite as quickly as I had hoped. I keep apologizing for not posting and making up excuses, but the truth is my health has not been great. I had hoped that I could keep up but it really has slowed me down. So I am going to have to just admit that I just can't keep up the pace I have in the past. I love sharing my free printables and I do have so many goodies to share so please forgive me and I will post them as often as I can. Once I get the work on the studio done, I should be able to get some goodies up a little more often.

This is what I started with. I found this awesome bedroom set on craigslist. It had fallen off the truck while being moved so it was in sad shape. The amour's door was missing and someone had put shelf's in it to use it for a bookshelf. There was trim missing on top. a broken drawer in the bottom that did not even match and one foot was badly worm eaten. The trim on the headboard had been busted and some of it was missing. There was a foot board too but it did not get into the picture. The set of drawers were missing some of the nobs and had the top replaced with an odd marble.

But my hubby is handy dandy. He cut the top down on the amour to eliminate the missing trim and also because it was too tall for my studio. The foot board had the same carved feet as the amour so it took one from it and replaced the destroyed foot on the amour. Then he took out the drawer and replaced the shelf's with some oak that he stained the same color. Since I haven't gotten to the decorating stage, it is covered with junk so the finished picture will have to wait.. but it is good!   

Then hubby used the headboard and the piece that went across the bottom of the foot board to make me a desk. We used legs from a table that I had picked up at the thrift shop and some antique picture frame trim that I had found at a yard sale a long while back. He designed a keyboard mechanism so that it disappears up under the desk when not in use.

I have ordered a glass top to fit but for now I am just using a glass cutting board to protect the top until it comes in. As you can see by the pictures, I had a hard time choosing the wall color but after painting three times, I settled on chocolate brown :))


These baskets have really taken me some time since there are eight of them. I found them at Homegoods and made some altered art fabric liners for them. I will be putting on some antique library label holders on them too. They are sitting on an old wardrobe trunk that I also found on craigslist.... but more on that later :)  


Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, great stuff! Your hubby has done wonders with the furniture! Valerie

CuddlyBunny said...

I'm fairly equally jealous and IMPRESSED!

What a wonderfully steampunky and funky creative space!

Most of all, I hope you feel better soon!

Artfully Musing said...

Things are looking fab!!

Joynana said...

Tell your husband he is wonderful. I love where the room is going. It is alreay gorgeous. That desk is just fabulous. Wish I had someone who was handy around the house. He is a keeper.

Feel better soon.

Treasures by Louise said...

That desk is just fantastic! Your hubby certainly is handy dandy! I'd like to link my blog to your post and or Etsy store, if you would permit. I'm not certain of how to add the button, but I would do that also, if you can explain how.
Thanks, Lily

Unknown said...

Great post! I love the desk your Hubby created for you! Love the baskets and wish I had seen them at Home Goods, just need to shop more often, lol. Hugs and Happy Memorial Day! You are one of my Fav's! Marilou xoxo

Shop for a cause said...

No need to apologize dear, we understand. Hope you are well.
This is a fantastic job. Your hubby is a talented person.
I like the chocolate brown color which you have steeled at last.


MaRyKaY said...

whoa you did a great job on these pieces. well you both did.
That tall dresser piece looks like the one I have in my craft room now. I have pics of my craft area on my blog. I love old furniture like that. I also have a piece that my hubby built for me for wooden stamp storage and others. with the short in height big drawers. thanks for posting these pics. that headboard desk is awesome. what creative minds.
Reminds me of me and the hubs.My crafty spot is our walk-in closet.
I'm not much of a girlie girl. I think I own 3 pairs of shoes and maybe 4 pairs of jeans so why do I need a walkin closet. I needed a craft spot. hahaha I love my lil space. If you ever get bored you can go check out the pics of my sloppy lil craft room. hahaha