Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing with acetate

This past Friday was our local stamp club meeting. After admiring My friend Joanne’s acetate cards I decided that would be my project. I got the whole card ready to put together when I discovered that I had ran out of xyron adhesive. First I tried velum tape and that really looked ugly from the backside. Then I tried spray craft glue. I could not even tell there was any glue. It looked great. However I did find that you need to start spraying the glue and move your image into the spray so you don’t get a glop. You need a smooth even coat because the glop will show. I also discovered another little trick. You know how when your going to stick an image down that has spray glue or xyron adhesive on the back, you have one chance to get it in the right place because once it is stuck … it is stuck. No sooooooo :)) if you put a little “Un Du” on the acetate before you stick it, you can slide the image around until you get it in the position you like. Un-DU is a scrapbookers solution used to remove stickers and you can get it just about anywhere you can buy scrapbooking supplies. I am not affiliated in any way with this product, I just like it :)


joanne wardle said...

lol I'm honoured that I was any inspiration at all to you *blushes*.
funnily enough I made an acetate card tonight so I dug out my craft mount spray and used that, it is definitely a great solution, if not a little messy, lol.
oh yes, an I love your card!!

Moni said...

Such a beauty! Hugs, Moni

Pattyjo said...

I sure wish we were neighbors so I could come over and learn all these cool things. I am your fan!

postal orphan said...

Love the acetate card, it's gorgeous! Thanks for the tip about UnDu - it's now on my list for the next trip to the craft store.